Success is something we all seem to be striving for constantly! We each have our own definitions of success. To some, success could be the highest rung of the corporate ladder, to others it could be a sleek new convertible car and a country club home along with vacations to exotic places. To still others, it could be the ability to spend and experience the lifestyle they want to live. It doesn’t matter how you define Success. What matters is how to achieve that definition of Success. Achieving success on your terms takes consistent effort supported by solid habits.

Success doesn’t have to seem out of reach.

Follow these 5 strategies of the super successful to follow in their footsteps and reach SUCCESS Magazine’s cover!

1. They have a strong grit stamina: 
The one common theme across successful people is their stamina for grit, perseverance and resilience. Their strength lies in being able to persevere through all situations and bounce back when the going gets tough. Professor Angela Duckworth has made studying grit her life’s work. In her famous TED talk on importance of grit to success, she reveals that grit is something that can be learned and thought. That’s good news to success seekers who may lack the stamina for grit.

2. They are Emotionally Intelligent:
Research has proven beyond a doubt the importance of Emotional Intelligence(EI) to succeed. Dr. Travis Bradberry author of EI 2.0(who coincidently published a post on grit yesterday), explains that EI is the balance between the rational and emotional brain and impacts all our critical skills. Good news again! EI is a learnable skill. Like with all skills, knowledge is not sufficient. Putting the knowledge to use and practicing it consistently will lead to forming those connections in our brains that become habits. 

3. They know their OPA:
Successful people know their desired Outcomes, Purpose and Action steps. You have to know where you want to go to start heading in that direction. You could change course mid-way at times. That is all right. Know what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve and how you will achieve it to make success yours!

4. They enclose themselves in the Unwavering Focus Bubble:
Have you seen that episode of Seinfield with the bubble boy? The boy in that episode is physically enclosed in a bubble. Successful people enclose their focus in a bubble. They are constantly thinking about and focusing on their goals. They have their goals on the dashboard of their life. It is always in front of them to steer them in the right direction. Enclose your focus on your success goals.

5. They Value Relationships:
Successful people know the value of relationships. Not just relationships for the sake of climbing the ladder or getting a favor from someone. They truly value building and nurturing relationships. Truly caring and valuing people helps in rallying people towards your vision. Connecting the right people to each other and helping others selflessly is a part of the maintenance mode. 

These core traits are important to succeed in all aspects of life. The goal here is not to win, but to succeed on your terms. Learn the above traits, apply them and success will be yours!

Do you have these traits in your life right now? What other traits do you value as important to success?

Follow these 5 strategies of the super successful to follow in their footsteps and reach SUCCESS Magazine’s cover!