5 reasons why telling your own story is the best thing you’ll ever do for YOU

Nervous and trembling, she pointed her clammy index finger on her keyboard button and hit publish. There goes her story for all the people to see. She was quivering on the outside but she’s never been more free and happy on the inside.

Each one of us has a story to tell. It may not be as cinematic as the life stories of others you see on movies or read from books, but it’s still your story. And you know why it’s unique? It’s because no one else in the world has the same set of experiences that you have. Being You is your power and telling your story is activating that power within you.

Take a moment to think about a personal experience that you want to share with the world.  These stories can be life lessons, or an experience to let others know they aren’t alone, perhaps  a story to inspire & motivate others, or it may just be something that you know would make others laugh and forget about their problems even just for a second. Whatever it is, the WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR IT. 

Telling your story may not only be the best thing you can do for others, but here are five reasons why it’s the best thing you’ll ever do for you:

1. It empowers you

You can find greater sense of purpose in life when you know your stories have helped others to have hope, courage, awareness, when you use it be an inspiration and motivation to achieve their own dreams.  When you decide to leverage your story to provide insightful lessons, you are giving yourself power to touch others, teach, delight, enchant, inspire, and motivate. 

2. Your fear loses power when you talk about them openly

Fear cripples you when you try to hide it in order to appear strong and indestructible. But one thing  I’ve learned is when you talk openly about your story, those fears tend to lose its grip and you become free. Sometimes all it takes is giving voice to your emotions and sharing your vulnerable story to promote self-healing.

3. So people can learn from your experiences

When you tell your story, you can help others make better choices from the decisions they’ll make. Because you’ve been there and done it, you are wiser to share the knowledge so others will not make the same mistakes. Opening up your story  not only changes the lives of others through your experiences, but it also changes you. 

4. Because its your legacy

When you can use your story  to help others who are on the same journey, then you have done something so amazing and so worthwhile in your life. Nowadays, we live in a world where people choose to have a carefully crafted image of their lives to feel accepted and praised for.  It takes great courage to share your authentic self and tell the unedited version of your story to the world.Your story is an invaluable gift that you can give to so many people, just by sharing it.

5 Reasons Why Telling Your Own Story Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do For YOU

5. Because your story matters

Your story has power  and it matters despite what you think.  When you know you can save a life, change a life, make someone smile, teach someone a lesson, provide hope and encouragement, then it needs to be heard. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you feel like you’ve got a story to tell, find a platform and use it to your advantage. Perhaps creating a blog, using social media or setting up your own podcast. Find an avenue which you’re good at and use it well to speak your truth, to express your most authentic self, and to share your own unique story.

It will make you nervous at first, but trust me that it will be the best thing you’ll ever do for you.

Krizia Krestwood is the founder of Kriz Eliz, a website that creates art and writes content to empower women to be their best version and to craft a life they absolutely love. For more empowering stories, visit krizeliz.com . You can also follow her inspirational art on instagram @krizeliz