Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart (although, what really is!). At times, it’s an emotional roller coaster and the ride is filled with rejection, pressure, stress, insecurity and fear. On the flip side, your life is your own and it’s exhilarating — making it all worth it.

Wellness is about cultivating and sustaining true wellbeing. It’s about balance. This experience requires two feet planted firmly on the ground while allowing yourself to dream with your head in the clouds. Balance keeps you grounded and centered so that you can straddle both realms and make magic in the middle.

But what happens when you’ve gone too deep in one direction? You get hurt. That may come in the form of a burnout, illness, relationship struggles, lack of productivity, regret – however it manifests, typically, it causes tension and borders on painful.

My work is my passion and it can be draining. I’ve been on a somewhat spiritual path since I was young and use these practices as my foundation.

I started my career in the mailroom at renowned talent and literary management firm, Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Eventually, I was lucky enough to be promoted to work for my mentor, Partner Marc Gurvitz. I taught yoga once a week and slowly started to realize that what I really wanted to do was find the intersection of health and digital. After Brillstein, I was part of the core team who launched and grew Thrive Market to 4,000,000 registered users in under two years. I now have a consulting business. I help lifestyle brands who fall under the category of living well grow by designing customized, marketing strategies. I am also the founder of WellDone, a trusted, one-stop guide to total wellbeing. We help you explore and discover healthy practices and easily make them a part of their everyday life. I’m on a mission to refocus the conversation around wellness and create simple ways for people to integrate it from an early age.

I’ve found some great tools that support the rigors of everyday life so that I can do my best to show up fully present, calm, and balanced for all aspects of my journey.

Here are 5 of my go-to tools:

Talk kindly to yourself: Do you have your own back? How do you show yourself love? Do you soothe yourself through times of trouble or beat yourself up? How we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others treat us. More importantly, at the end of the day, we are the only ones that can really provide safety, security, and support for ourselves and that’s done through nurturing and nourishing our relationship with our inner self.

Be anchored in the present: Learn to enjoy whatever is happening in the moment (much easier said than done!). Even if it’s seemingly not great, remember that things happen for us not to us. Allow yourself to surrender to the natural flow of life instead of staying attached to what happened or worrying about what hasn’t happened yet. Embrace what is and know that you’re in the right place this moment.

Use everything as a lesson: We’re constantly growing. It’s beautiful and exhausting. There’s no roadmap for creating something out of nothing and developing an unshakeable belief that you can. But, with every mastered lesson comes strength and endurance, it helps you keep on keeping on.

Focus: Do one thing at a time with all your heart. Give your attention fully to whatever it is that deserves it. And, hold space for what you want without needing to see or know the outcome right away.

Find patience and pleasure in the process: It will happen when it happens and you might as well have as much fun as possible while you’re getting there.