Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal so much you couldn’t sleep? Most people want to achieve their goals but they undermine the importance of self-confidence.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-confidence as confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities. Confidence is defined as a quality or state of being certain.

You need to be certain about your abilities, qualities, and judgment. If you are uncertain, it’s difficult to convince anyone to be certain about you.

Self-confidence is not shallow. It’s a deep sense of self-awareness within you that makes you confident without the clothes or modern-day armor we love to cover ourselves in.

I used to be shy. I seemed confident at work. But at social events, I was inept at starting up conversations or making new friends.

Could I say I was confident? Of course. But was I truly confident? No.

Everyone has a measure of a lack of self-confidence in them. But we need to get to a place where we are truly confident in ourselves without any coverings.

How I Became Self Confident

One day, I decided to develop self-confidence. I made this decision when I realized the opportunities I was missing due to a lack of self-confidence. I read books on personal development, I joined a Toastmasters club and I hung around people who were self-confident.

My relationships improved. I was promoted at work. I was able to start one-on-one conversations.

The decision to develop self-confidence is not optional. It is mandatory.

You could ask why you need to develop self-confidence. You might think only entrepreneurs or top executives need to be self-confident.

I would like to share with you five reasons why you must develop self-confidence.

1. Self-confidence makes you attractive

Do you want to live the life of your dreams?

Do you want to become a person of affluence?

You need to be able to attract the right kind of people into your life. You need to learn how to be attractive.

If you walked into a room, which of these two people would you be attracted to? The guy standing in a corner with a smile on his face or the woman whose bends her head, staring at her phone. You would be attracted to the guy.

When you are self-confident, you are more attractive.

2. Self-confidence gets you hired for your desired job

If you were the main attendee at a presentation, would you listen to the presenter if he wasn’t looking directly at you? You wouldn’t listen. You would switch off in your mind.

But what if this man was engaging in his presentation? What if he was confident? He asked the right questions and said the things you wanted to hear. His persona was engaging. You would listen to him.

If you want to seal a business deal, you need to express self-confidence to your prospective client. If you want to get hired for a job, you need to express self-confidence to the interviewers.

I’ve been accused of displaying a sense of arrogance when I attend interviews. But it’s gotten me the kind of jobs I dreamed about. An interviewer would rather hire a self-confident person over a person who is not self-confident.

3. Self-confidence helps you get what you want

Are you waiting for your big break? Does the life you want seem unreachable? Self-confidence gives you the guts to ask for what you want.

I had a dream to be a project manager. Everyone told me it was impossible and I should stick to what I knew — engineering. I had the self-confidence to ask prospective employers for a project manager role. I got what I asked for!

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you need to be confident. If you are not, everyday miracles will pass you by. You won’t ask for what you really want. Don’t expect people to read your mind. Ask!

4. Self-confidence helps you make the right decisions

When you are self-confident, you choose yourself. Most people who lack self-confidence love to please people. They don’t choose themselves. Because they don’t, they make the wrong decisions.

The more you make the right decisions aligned with your deepest desires and your core values, the faster you will achieve your goals.

5.Self-confidence makes you productive

You need to be productive and manage your time wisely. Eliminate all the unnecessary activities. You can’t do this effectively without self-confidence.

Without self-confidence, you will spend time on activities that don’t help you achieve your goals.

The surprising thing is this process is this process is unconscious. You don’t realize you’re doing it. I’ve realized when I don’t feel confident in my ability to achieve a goal, I waste time. I procrastinate. I do mechanical tasks like checking my emails instead of focusing on the creative task I want to do.

When you are self-confident — confident in your abilities, you are super productive.


If you want to be successful, you need to develop self-confidence.

Real self-confidence comes from self-awareness.

The more aware you are of yourself, the more self-confident you will become.

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Originally published at www.mysavvymind.com