Do you know the one thing on which the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Anthony Robbins and Matt Haig all agree? All these gurus are adamant that human beings should aspire to be kind. And they aren’t saying that because they are the believers of some outdated, benevolent cult. Instead, they want us to be kind because they know that kindness could take us places.

Have doubts about this claim? Then check out these five ways being kind will pay you.

1.   Being kind makes us emotionally strong

Acts of kindness are often accompanied by emotional strength. When we are kind to others, we are showing the courage to sacrifice our ego for the sake of a higher purpose that is social wellbeing. Being kind positively supports our emotional system. It boosts our self-esteem certifying us that we are playing our part towards society with our kind sense.

2.   Our brain enjoys Kindness

Recently, scientists and researchers have discovered that caring about the happiness of others is actually something our minds were designed to do. In the studies published on Scientific American, kindness is termed as the innate power of the brain that automatically connects it with a region of happiness.

In layman terms, acts of kindness work like a phone charger station for our mind: it supplies it with the necessary energy that helps our brain to function naturally.

3.   A kind heart is a Healthy Heart

Doing good to others can make your heart filled with warmth, but being kind to others does actually have an impact on the chemical balance of our heart. Kindness releases the hormone oxytocin that reduces blood pressure, and therefore, oxytocin is known as a ‘cardioprotective’ hormone. That means that there is a direct relation between kind deeds and a healthy heart. 

4.   Kindness wins you friends

Kindness is a way to connect people with each other. People want to be around kind persons because they feel safe and comfortable in their company. Also, people want to do good in return for genuine help they receive, thus making a connection just like a phone has with the phone charging station, but this one built on the base of kindness.

5.   Kindness increases your lifespan

Yes, you read it right. According to, we are at a higher risk of death if we don’t have a strong network of caring persons around us. Sometimes, digital sites make a fake illusion of ‘kind friend circle’ that lasts until the phones are on commercial phone charging stations. We can make a difference when we are kind to others in real life. Similarly, we grow healthy, building deep relations and friendships.