Well, true that a relationship should bring you all the strength rather than, getting any sort of weakness. But, do you know that a healthy relationship can make your heart go- shalalala and strong too. And if you are wondering, is that really possible! Then let me tell you, yes it is!

Here is why you and your partner need to ensure that you share a nourishing relationship in order to ensure a longer life together.

1. Increase Your Quality Time and Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure has been found to be the second leading cause that underlies the instances of a heart attack. A general reason why blood pressure tends to increase among humans is, the level of stress that is there in their life. To experience a dip in your blood pressure, the best that you can do is (as suggested by studies), veg out with your close buddies or the significant other. But, is that enough? If that would have been the case, then the strangers should have aided in reducing your blood pressure too! Thus, it is not just about being with someone but, being with someone who knows you and shares a bond with you.

So, next time when you experience a spike in your blood pressure, just go to your buddy and get the perceived emotional support merely by their presence, and see your blood pressure dropping to a sweet silence real quick!

2.Go Giggle Around and Let the Blood Flow Freely

The wonder way of healing is laughter! Many studies from the past have supported the idea that laughter is the best medicine. But, do you know what can make it even better for you? Laughing with your girl-gang, boy-squad or your significant other!
According to studies, laughing improves the blood vessel lining which further reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. This benefit was similar to what aerobic exercise does to the human body.
So, next time when you feel low don’t hit the gym, call up your loved one and watch a funny movie together.

3. Bring in Positivity and Bid Adieu to Heart Attacks

The key to a healthy heart and relationship is a positive mind! Well, it is not something proclaimed by a layman but, investigated by experts! Having a positive outlook towards life reduces cardiovascular diseases. Along with this, the reduced level of hostility and anxiousness further nurtures healthy relationships with others!

4. Hug a Little Longer and Make Your Heart Stronger

Did anyone say group hugs?
Well, count me in! I want to make my heart strong!
Hugs have been found to bring a feeling of warmth, oneness, and love from ages! But, receiving a hug from someone you share a bond with, not only makes your bond deeper but, produces happy hormones too! This, in turn, makes your heart go stronger. So, yeah maybe a hug a day can help you keep your doctor away!

5. Hold the Hands Tighter and Keep Your Nerves Calm

Having someone to hold your hands (not for the sake of pictures alone but, for real times too) can calm your nerves down super soon! Thus, preventing the narrowing of your blood vessels and protecting your heart. Therefore, when your emotions are at a peak just hold the hand of someone you love and feel at peace with yourself instantly.

With that said, one thing is clear! That having a healthy relationship with someone or anyone is always going to nurture you, your well-being, and make your heart super strong!

Well, just if in case you have that someone but, don’t know how to add the element of healthiness in the relationship that you share with them, here is a quick and effective mantra for you to refer to!

L: Learn to accept and respect each other differences, without being judgemental.
O: Oblige with the needs of your significant other and support them.
V: Validate each other’s ideas by communicating rather than, blaming each other.
E: Express your viewpoints and anger assertively.

Now go, enjoy some quality time with your buddy and make your heart go stronger and Pitter-Patter!