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Do you have a side hustle? 

Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. A side hustle is a business you run in your free time, while keeping your full time job (and the paycheck that comes with it). Win-win, right? 

If you don’t have one yet, where have you been?

I don’t say that condescendingly, but actually because you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. And because you’re quickly becoming one of the minority who won’t have one.

I get fired up anytime I think about this, because it’s something that I’ve lived firsthand. In fact, I enjoy it so much that one of the primary focuses of my coaching is helping people start their own side hustle businesses.

Most people don’t know this, but my coaching business is actually a side hustle. I’m still an educator by day, but get to work with awesome people who want more passion, purpose, or profits in their lives by night (and on weekends – just doesn’t sound nearly as cool. Ha).

Because I’m so passionate about this topic and believe that just about everyone should have a side hustle, I want to share with you 5 reasons why I think you need a one in 2020.

So, if you want to learn more about why you need a side hustle, keep reading.

The economy is changing

Not to bore you right out of the gate, but this is important. If you haven’t heard about it, let me be the first to tell you about the gig economy. It essentially refers to an increase in the number of people who do freelance work and/or have side hustles. 

It’s estimated that more than one-third of the population have side hustles, and that number is expected to skyrocket in the new decade. 

So what I’m saying is, if you’re not on the side hustle bandwagon, you may soon be in the minority at the rate things are growing.

It’s easier than ever to start

One of the questions I often get asked is, “Justin, what type of side hustle should I start?” And I know my answer probably isn’t the most helpful, but typically I respond with “ANYTHING!” 

Now, just to be clear, I do have a system that I take people through in my coaching (I’m not that bad of a person! Ha). But when it comes to choosing what side hustle to go after, the choices are just about limitless. You can do ride sharing, landscaping, baby sitting, or tutoring. 

If you’ve got technical skills like writing, graphic design, or website development, you’d be crazy not to have a side hustle. 

The key to choosing a good business is finding something you love to do, something you’re good at, and something people will pay for. Do those things and you’re golden.

You can have more purpose

Let’s face it, not everyone is blessed to have a full time career that fills their purpose cup. In fact, most people don’t even like their full time jobs. But, gotta pay the bills, right? 

Well, yes, you do, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a life with no purpose or passion. Most people’s side hustles are things they’re passionate about. And being able to do those things for even a few hours a week may be the dose of purpose you’ve been looking for.

You can make more money

Ah, I got your attention now, right? Well, at least some of you. Money is a hot button topic, and something that provides options and opportunities in life, so this conversation is both relevant and important.

For those who aren’t satisfied with your salary, or simply just want more fun money, side hustles are a great way to bring in some extra cash. 

But, make sure you factor in your time and financial expenses to know if your side hustle is worth it. 

Your side hustle can become your main hustle

Because side hustles are often passion projects, there’s a very real possibility that it can become your main gig. That’s one of the most appealing parts of having one for a lot of people. 

Now, to be clear, you don’t have to have any intention of your side hustle ever replacing your full time job. But, I tell you this because I know there are so many people who would love to quit their current jobs. 

If that’s you, through constant and dedicated action and growth in your side hustle business, you may be able to make it your main hustle.

A bonus reason

One bonus benefit to having a side hustle is that it provides you the ability to build things the right way while not having the immediate pressure to produce within your business, because you’ve still got the safety net of your full time job.

Some will argue that having that safety net holds people back. And for some, that may be true. But, the vast majority of people don’t produce at a high level or do their best work when they’ve got a metaphorical gun to their heads.

Having a side hustle allows you to take that pressure off yourself and focus on giving your best efforts to your business when you decide to. From there, you can adjust how much time you dedicate to your business based on what your goals are.

So are you excited about getting a side hustle yet? Tell me in the comments below if you have or are thinking about starting one.


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