You have made New Year resolutions to cut that body fat, tried out different diet plans and workout sessions but the pounds aren’t keeping off. Shedding fat is an important goal, but it takes a lot to see you fitting in that favorite jeans.

One is that you are too motivated to burn the body fat and forget the aspect to know before taking the journey to burn fat.

Start with appreciating and learning about your body type which is significant in the journey to losing weight. Body weight fluctuates every time mostly in women than in men, and for some people it’s easy and some it’s hard to shed the fat.

Let’s discuss different mistakes that you could be making in your journey to keep that weight off.

1. Your Metabolism

Metabolism is how your food breaks down into energy, and it might be fast or slow depending on your body and how it assimilates the food.

For you to lose weight you need to build energy deficit by consuming fewer calories, or you can eat more calories to help you burn the fat when working out, but you can combine both.

You can fasten your metabolism by eating healthy calories to help create more energy needed when excising.

2. You’re Overdoing It

Proper diet and exercise plan are essential when losing weight. The problem is when you overdo it.

Working out in excess can drag your energy down because you aren’t eating enough. Your work out should match up your food intake to be able to fasten your metabolism which in turn assist in losing weight.

When starting up a workout plan start with minimal time say 30 min or less then add up more time as you build up the strength to do more exercise.

Make a point to eat healthy calories and proteins to boost your energy when you’re working out.

3. Dehydration as a Reason You’re not losing Body Fat

Water is essential if you’re planning on shedding body fat.

When you’re dehydrated the kidney doesn’t function well thus the liver will take up the work which will grow tired, and as a result, it will not burn the fat, and instead, will store fat and losing weight will become a challenge.

More than half your body is water, and it’s essential you take more than the advised eight glasses of water especially when you’re exercising.

4. You’re Getting Old

As you age your muscle will shrink and your energy levels will drag down and in turn will decrease your body movements and losing weight becomes a challenge.

Your lifestyle will most likely change, and activities you used to like will become tiresome to do.

It’s important to stay fit and eat healthy as you age to avoid ailments that are caused by weight gain.

Learn new activities like walking, swimming, and yoga that can keep you fit and choose a diet plan that you can easily follow, and won’t get boring over time.

5. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Too much or too little of rest can lead to weight gain because it affects the way your hormones control your appetite and hunger.

You tend to eat more on your cravings and add more body fat when you don’t get enough sleep and when you sleep much you continue storing fat because you’re inactive.

Try and find more sleep to get more energy to exercise.

Mental and emotional health is critical as physical health for the well being of your health.

It’s general to look at healthy eating and exercising as aspects of losing body fat. It is vital to see food as fuel and not as something to feed your emotions or something to do.

Understand what you’re taking in your body as food to help take out the unwanted fat. It’s important to choose a diet and exercise plan that you can maintain even after you have lost the extra body fat.

Teach your body to lose weight.