Your Image: Your image is super important when someone sees you in person or even in a photo your image should speak for your brand in a way that says I’m an expert in my field and I can get the job done.

Logo: Logos can quickly speak volumes about your business, your mission and what services you offer. A business without a logo has no chance of making an impact on its target audience. The logo is the most essential and valuable visual element of your brand, so keep this in mind when putting together your branding budget and hiring professionals.

Brand Colors: Your color scheme should be visible and easily recognizable throughout your brand. That goes for your website, logo, social media platforms, and any graphics you post to promote new products and services. Also colors have a way of communicating, so make sure your brand language is being heard through your color choices. Black is a power color but it’s not something that would speak for a daycare or toy store, get my drift?

Fonts: Again we are visible people who have been communicating through images for centuries (think back to the caveman) so allow your fonts to speak your brand language as well.

Your Personality: Yes your personality is one of the reasons your visual branding isn’t working for you! Do you know why? Because “You” are your brand and if you haven’t taken the time to build your brand around who you are and what your purpose is then you’ll never truly be successful! Your brand language draws your clients in by telling people who you are and what you’re about. So that language must start with you!! If not, you’ll be like someone visiting a foreign country speaking a language or a dialect no one understands.

How would you feel if I told you I could show you how to choose the right “look” for your business. One that included your image and your visual branding? You would have a complete branded style of fonts, colors, graphic styles, and clothing ideas that were all in your branded style. Created to attract your ideal client by speaking for you and what your brand stands for.

My “Visual Branding Guide” walks you through the process of choosing a themed “Look” for your business.

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