In today’s competitive and cut-throat market it can be difficult for women to balance the expectations of work and home. That’s why over 50 percent of women entrepreneurs choose the path of entrepreneurship. The freedom and flexibility is unmatched. However, entrepreneurship can be a bumpy ride if you’re not prepared. It takes talent, persistence, and a huge leap of faith to make it happen. Here are five lifestyle rules that every women entrepreneur breathes:

Make Time for Small Victories

Entrepreneurship is a never-ending process. There are no breaks. There are no time-outs. Entrepreneurship happens around the clock and it can be difficult to slow down. However, successful entrepreneurs take time to celebrate small victories. This habit can have a huge impact on emotional health and will give you the energy needed to continually improve your business.

Don’t Penny-Pinch

If you want to grow your business, you’re going to have to invest. Of course, you’ll want to be conscious of your decisions, but you can’t expect to get ahead without spending a little on the front end. Successful entrepreneurs are able to balance risk and reward and make fruitful financial choices.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude can impact performance. It can also impact your outlook when challenges arise. Maintaining a daily gratitude journal or introducing a habit of sending “thank you” notes is a great way to give back to your business. You’ll feel energized and prepared to take on the next challenge.

Create Manageable Goals

Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming. There is always something you can do to improve your business and your task list might never end. However, it’s important to set manageable and realistic goals. This will keep you motivated every step of the way.

Have Confidence

You’ve had the courage to open your own business. This step alone is a huge deal. However many women entrepreneurs constantly seek validation for their decisions. Don’t let anyone knock your goals and dreams. You’re the captain of your ship and you should not apologize for taking ownership.

These are just a few of the many practices women entrepreneurs use to thrive and grow. Business ownership is a huge feat, but with a little prep and planning, you can truly find the balance and happiness you’ve been seeking.

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