A medical prescription that states ‘laugh more’ would probably make you raise an eyebrow. 

We all think of laughter and humor as small but enjoyable experiences in life. But what if laughter and fun had a discernible impact on our health and wellbeing? 

Wouldn’t you take the time to look around you for more things to enjoy? And you’d also share fun and humorous content with your friends and loved ones too. 

But the impact of humor on our life isn’t just something to speculate on. Science backs the importance of humor in everyday life. Let’s explore some research-driven reasons why you should incorporate humor into your life.

The Science-backed reasons to embrace humor

Here are some surprising ways that adding humor to your life will improve your state of wellness. 

Increased oxygen consumption

When you laugh, it immediately increases your heart rate. Your breathing becomes deeper and as a result, you increase the level of oxygen in your body. With more oxygen in your system, you get more energy, more mental clarity, and create benefits for your body in so many ways. 

Feel relaxed

Laughter boosts your heart rate and increases oxygen in your body. As a result, your entire bodily system is revved up and stimulated, activating your stress response. When the effect goes down, your muscles relax and this leads to feeling more relaxed than before. 

So, if you want to avoid burnout and feel good, then look up social media content or read books that make you laugh. 

Boost your mood

When you make humor and laughter a regular part of your life, they boost serotonin and dopamine in the brain. For those who suffer from issues like depression and anxiety, such bursts of good feeling can reduce unpleasant symptoms. 

Bolter your immune system

According to studies, negative thoughts increase and maintain chemical reactions in your body. For example, by increasing the level of cortisol. This hormone, when it persists in your body for long periods of time, has an impact on your immune system. 

Laughter and humor do the opposite of negative thinking. They generate positive feelings and help release neuropeptides which fight illnesses. As a result, you build a stronger immune system.

Manage pain

Our body is capable of creating its own natural painkillers. And what triggers this activity? It’s laughter. One of the best things about humor is that it’s not something that dies down. You’ll always find something to cheer you up and make you laugh. And there is a variety of humorous content you can look up and even create. Let’s dive deeper and see how you can add humor to your life. 

How to find humor in life

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate humor on a daily basis. Even if you feel like you’re someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor, you can develop it with some experimentation. 

  • Look for humorous content that appeals to you. You may enjoy reading funny books or viewing hilarious cat pictures. Some people prefer slapstick while others prefer puns that elicit a groan instead of giggles
  • Subscribe to email newsletters by humorous publications. They’ll send emails on a weekly or daily basis that are sure to make you feel good
  • Join groups on social media that are dedicated to your type of humor. You’ll be part of a community that likes to laugh. Connecting with people who have the same sense of humor will bring laughter to your life

Taking a few steps like these won’t just make you feel good mentally, you’ll also see a boost in your physical wellness.


Humor doesn’t give you temporary relief and joy. When you make it an important part of your life, it will you mentally and physically fit and sound. 

The scientific benefits of humor in this post should have you thinking about increasing your experiences of humor in life. Start making changes today and you’ll see better health and happiness in a very short time.