Most people assume that because I’m a trainer and live a healthy lifestyle, that I am obsessed with working out. Yes, I do enjoy exercise and how it makes me feel however; there are many, I repeat MANY days that I just do NOT feel like working out. 

As a matter of fact, I realized my personal struggles with fitness and exercise more than ever when COVID-19 hit. When the stay at home order was put in place I was fortunate enough to have a home set up to continue working out on the regular but that didn’t mean they were easy. I felt myself struggling and unmotivated to workout or put the time in. I realized I needed accountability. I needed something or someone to enjoy the process with, so, I turned to the only safe outlet available: social media. Via Instagram, I leaned on my fitness community to keep me motivated and inspired and they received the same in return. I started streaming weekly LIVE workouts, giving myself and others the space to do minimal equipment, full body workouts. I now had to show up, and not only for myself but also my community, integrity is important to me.The positive feedback I was receiving inspired me to launch a virtual fitness community called Don’t Sweat It Alone. Now I am held accountable multiple times a week and sharing my highs and lows from the safety of my home gym. 

That leads  me to my number one tip to staying motivated through your fitness journey. 

  1. Find a community to hold yourself accountable. While we all can dig deep and find that inner voice that tells us to get our workout in, there are ALWAYS days that voice just isn’t yelling loud enough. Competition is healthy and creates a certain drive. Set up an accountability call with a friend, a star system, a check in, or even a sweaty selfie post workout group-text (that’s what we do in Don’t Sweat It Alone) to prove you got it in. Find your support!
  1. Visualize. Visualize yourself after the workout. It’s called a runner’s high for a reason! When we exercise we raise our serotonin levels, release endorphins and it’s scientifically proven our cognitive function increases. Remind yourself of the rewards you reap from exercise enough to get your sneakers on and start moving. This is one of the main techniques I use. I imagine myself post workout feeling better, accomplished, and clear.
  1. Switch it up! While I highly recommend, like most people who are trying to create a new habit, to make exercise a part of your routine, that routine can also find itself going stale. You get bored with the actual workout AND the music playlist you’ve been listening to on repeat. Switch it up by trying a new class or, instead of doing that same treadmill work, go outside for a hike. Now you’ve found a new routine, discover a new vibe. Listen to a different Spotify playlist and find new songs that get you pumped. New setting, new sounds, new motivation- it’s like a whole new experience!
  1. Treat yo’self. Seriously. Ever notice how excited you get when you buy that new gadget or piece of clothing,? It’s the same with exercise. You’re taking the time to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle and showing yourself some love. Splurge a little and get some new leggings, shoes, or even a new sports bra…flaunt it, and rock it! I promise you, it will give you that little extra boost, it sure does for me!
  1. Don’t give yourself an excuse. Lay your clothes out (that new sports bra) the night before so it isn’t even a thought early the next morning. Don’t give yourself the wiggle room to “not be able to decide what to wear” or “not find anything” when it’s 5am. You know where your toothbrush is so do the same with your clothes. If you’re going to work and plan to hit that workout after your day, pack your clothes in your bag the night before. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

It isn’t always easy to stay motivated. As a matter of fact, it can seem extremely challenging and through the years, I have found these little tricks keep me going when the going gets tough. Build a healthy community, visualize, switch it up, treat yo’self, and don’t allow room for excuses. Sometimes a little shift can push your fitness journey to the next level!