Whether you are wealthier than all of the world’s billionaires combined or you are as broke as a monk, your topmost wish would almost always be to live a long healthy life.

The truth is that the power to live a long and strong life is probably already in your grasp but you might not have been looking into the right palm all along.

How healthy and long we leave depends on the different variables that surround us, a lot of which we already have the power to control. The key is to take the smart actions in different areas of our lives to boost our chances of living longer.

Let’s talk about some of these actions:

Quit smoking

Did your momma ever tell you that you mustn’t smoke ever? She surely loves you if she did.

Smoking isn’t a death warrant sometimes but if you want to avoid any complications in the nearest and farthest future, you must make sure that you are amongst the nonsmokers.

Take a look at this:

Smoking virtually means inhaling a toxic gas.

Difficulty in breathing, memory loss, heart disease, lung issues and stroke; what do they have in common? They are some of the downsides of smoking and could ultimately cut down the lifespan of a person.

The good news though is that as long as you still draw breath.

Studies have shown that if you stop smoking are able to repair some or all of the damages that have been made to their system. Take for example a man who decided to stop smoking right now; in 5 years time, such a man will be as healthy as one who never smoked.

So whatever age you might be, quitting smoking will give you a few extra years

Eat wisely

The ability to live a long and healthy life isn’t far off from your stomach.

A lot of studies have already shown that eating healthy food increases your chances of staying healthy and alive for a long while. Food could be seen as our fuel and taking unhealthy bites would be to us what bad fuel would be to a good vehicle.

There’s a lot to consider than just taste when it comes to eating healthy.

Fruits and vegetable should be given priority in your diet list. 3 – 5 rounds of fruits a day wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Vegetable soup in itself is good medicine.

Watch your intake of fat; maybe cut it to about 30% calories a day.

A healthy diet is your best bet to sidestepping symptoms of diseases that you might be susceptible to as you grow older.

Make your home safer

If your home doesn’t feel like a fortress to you then maybe you should do something about it.

Home safety should be a priority not just because you could lose valuable pieces of properties if there is ever a break-in; even worse are that you could lose your life. Bye-Bye longevity.

In some cases, it is even in living in constant fear that we harm ourselves with all the avoidable anxiety.

If you don’t feel safe because of a certain factor in the house, the smart thing is to deal with it and quickly too. For example, you might be faced with garage door opener problems and as a result be concerned about the safety of the properties in the garage.

What’s the smart thing to do?

Fix it quickly and cross one more reason to worry from your mind, it is that simple.

Visit the Doctors regularly

There are professionals whose jobs are to tell you what to do to stay healthy and fix you if you fall ill. A visit to them might just be the difference between a life and death situation.

Even if you are already suffering from a chronic condition like height blood pressure, Doctors can definitely come up with long-term and short-term solutions to give you a shot at a healthier and longer life.

If you have been healthy since day 1, there’s no better way to stay on track than to visit the Doctor’s office regularly.