If a relationship has more negativity than positivity in your life, then that is a toxic relationship. There are no predefined rules and laws that govern the nature of a relationship, however, it should be a happy reunion. It does not necessarily need to be a romantic relationship; it can be work, friend, family or a mutual relationship.

The signs you are in a toxic relationship are very evident, and most people overshadow them. The moment your relationship becomes controlling and one-sided, then it is not a healthy relationship. If you find yourself in this type of a relationship avoid it, it will bring you disaster and leave negative impacts in your life. If you observe the factors discussed below in your relation, break contact with your partner as soon as possible. Your partner does not have regard of your feelings.

1) One-sided Relationship

Your relationship is based only on one partner. Just that partner feelings and emotions matter, yours don’t count at all. Your partner does not care about how you feel, and your opinions are never heard in the relationship. A relationship should be both sided where each partner is attentive and considerate to the other.

If you are in a one-sided relationship, it is not a healthy relationship. Quit the relationship early enough to avoid feeling less important. Looking down on yourself may lead to slow progress in life and depression.

2) Physical Abuse

 It is one of the alarming signs you are in a toxic relationship. If a partner gets violent and physically abuses you should put an end to that relationship before it is too late. Remorse emotions are healthy, but a partner should control them. If there is love in that relationship, there will be no incidence of physical abuse.

If the physical abuse is regularly, it may lead to permanent damage on your bed-or even worse being killed. Murder cases in a relationship have risen gradually and can be avoided by identifying a toxic relationship and quitting early enough.

3) Your Partner Openly Makes You Jealousy

It can be by flirting with others in your presence or posing pictures with others with the intention of hurting you. If you are in a relationship with such a partner, your has no regard for your feelings, and you should quit the relationship. People who love you will not intentionally hurt you.

It is an alarm that your partner does not love you; you are the only person concerned about the relationship welfare. A toxic relationship should be ended early enough.

4) Encouragement of bad behavior

If you find yourself in a situation, you are encouraging bad behavior from your partner so that you can not hurt them, that’s a clear indicator it’s a toxic relationship. It can be your partner insults when they are drunk, and you are okay with it so that you don’t hurt them. Your partner is controlling you and putting you in a situation that you can accommodate his bad behavior for your relationship to continue.

5) Constant Lies- is one of the critical signs you are in a toxic relationship

Little lies once in a while are not a problem. If in a relationship you, not constant lies then avoid that relationship. Lies break trust in a relationship and will often bring doubts and questions in a relationship. If your partner continually deceives you, that is not a healthy relationship and should be ended.

Bottom Line A toxic relationship is very harmful to the party or parties involved. If your feelings are disregarded, and you often feel unwanted in the relationship that is a sign you are in a toxic relationship. A healthy relationship should be both-sided and cause harm to the parties involved