Sometimes life starts spinning out of control and you start to feel like you’ve lost your balance. If you recognize any of these signs creeping into your life, take immediate action to regain control over your overall health and well-being, restoring balance and peace.

1. You have chronic exhaustion.

You are burned out! You wake up tired every day, with so much on your plate you don’t know where to start. You are starting to show signs of chronic fatigue and have lost your enthusiasm for life.

Solution: Reclaim your life by learning how to say yes without resentment and no without regret. Clear your calendar of all commitments that do not serve or feed you emotionally. Stop doing things out of a false sense of obligation. Offload what you can so you have time to sleep, eat properly, and take care of yourself.

2. Your loved ones are missing you.

Your family does not see you anymore because you are always “busy with work”. You miss out on birthdays, family vacations, or other important family-related events. Your friends haven’t seen you in ages, and your partner never sees you.

Solution: Clear your calendar and give the people you love the time they deserve. Making your loved ones a priority will feed you emotionally and might just give you a much needed energy boost. You will be able to show up refreshed and more focused for work. Have the audacity to set priorities in a way that suits you. The world will not end because you set new boundaries.

3. Your life feels unmanageable.

You start losing your cool and become very reactionary to life’s passing dramas. Instead of being a source of stillness, you end up overreacting. You cannot think clearly and feel overwhelmed at the slightest sign of difficulty.

Solution: Slow down and learn how to manage delay. Take a deep breath and pause before reacting to anything. Take up a meditation practice, which teaches you how to remain calm and composed in all situations.

4. You have insomnia.

You’ve got so much work on your mind you can’t sleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what needs to get done.

Solution: Learn how to increase the quality of your sleep.

  • Make your to-do list at the end of the day. Clear your head by unloading everything that needs to get done to organize and plan for the coming day or week.
  • Turn off your gadgets and electronics an hour before you go to bed. Instead of watching TV, read a book.
  • Create a relaxing end-of-day ritual. For example, take a hot shower, meditate, and have a cup of herbal tea. Go to bed before midnight and get at least seven hours of sleep.

5. Clutter and chaos is everywhere in your life.

Your life has turned into a cluttered mess. The desk, the closet, the house, the purse…everything is in a state of disarray.

Solution: Your life needs an efficiency makeover. A little bit of discipline goes a long way. Make incremental changes towards organization. End your day by organizing, optimizing, and preparing for the next day. Take frequent breaks to regroup and declutter your space and clear your mind. Once your mind is clear, you will find it easier to organize your life.

When life feels out of whack and you’ve lost your balance, it’s time to take action and set some new boundaries for yourself. Self care must be a priority, since we cannot produce anything of substance when we are depleted and overwhelmed.

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