When you’re an entrepreneur, much of your motivation comes from your ability to keep convincing yourself that you didn’t completely lose your mind when you ditched the corporate 9–5!

You may already struggle with bouts of self-doubt or you may just be overwhelmed by how many items are parading around on your “to-do list.” In the end, you are sometimes not left with a lot of emotional reserve to focus on your love life and if things in that department are not where they should be, the struggle is real!

If you are in the early stages of building your business, where you’re still finding your way and keeping your head above water, you will find that the quality of your love relationship can have a major impact on the success or failure of your business.

A healthy, loving and nurturing relationship can make everything easier. You have more motivation, more energy and your overall drive to succeed is heightened. When you have a partner that supports and encourages you, you’ve luckily found your inner circle, cheer-leading squad, that supports you to never give up!

However when you find yourself in a space where there’s tension, drama and constant bickering, when your love life no longer support you mentally or emotionally, your business will certainly suffer.

So what are some of the warning signs that your love life could be ruining your business? I’ll give you five.

You Lack of desire:

You are constantly tired. You know that you should get up and make that call. Set that meeting, write that blog post or reach out to potential clients but you just lack the emotional and physical energy to do any of it.

You second guess your decision making skills:

As your relationship falls apart you may begin to question your decision making skills. You might have moments where you think “If I’m failing at this so who says I can be any good a running this business?” Second guessing your ability can even lead to of feelings of unworthiness. On the other hand if your business is successful you can find yourself lacking the joy that your success brings, for you feel alone and unable to meaningfully share this success with the person who is supposed to mean so much to you.

You lack support:

Your partner is no longer your cheerleader, instead of encouraging you, the disagreements and discord, leaves no safe space to share your ideas or dreams.

You’re angry… a lot:

Do you find that you are oftentimes impatient and irritable? This can stem from the fact that you are dealing with so many unresolved relationship issues that you become short tempered and lack the patience needed to effectively run your business. So you might snap at suppliers, staff, or even your customers and this will surely in the long run, negatively affect your business.

You hide the fact that you’re depressed:

When feelings of sadness and loneliness abound in a relationship that’s failing, depression can drain you of your creative power. The power to seek out new concepts and ideas feels stunted.

Depression also contributes to your lack of energy and your lack of desire to “do.” Even though as women we are sometimes very skilled at hiding behind the masks we create, our sadness and sense of loss over our waning relationship, eventually catches up with us.

At the end of it all, no one needs a list to tell us if our relationship is hindering our personal and financial growth. I wrote this because I feel that sometimes we need to know that someone else understands; that if, or when we make the decision to change our course, be it stay and work though the issues, or walk away, we’ll know that we are not alone and that we’ve made the best decision, not just for our businesses but for ourselves!

Originally published at medium.com