Though there is an endless supply of dating advice out there, most of the time when you ask someone how they knew their partner was the right match for them — the answer is rather simple. “It just worked.” Or “It felt right.” For those hopeful singles who can’t seem to find love, it’s a frustrating nugget of wisdom that feels directionless. Though you may not always have control over matters of the heart — or fate, if you believe in such a thing — professionals do have a say-so in their careers. And when the stars align — after much work, determination and grit — something quite magical happens. You wake up refreshed, ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way.

You’re excited about your responsibilities, deliverables, and impact on your team, clients and company. More than anything, well, it works and it feels right. But how can you be certain? Here, experts share the clear signs that (lucky you) you’re doing the job you were born to do.

Your job plays to your strengths

By now you should know what you’re stellar at — and the areas where you fall short. You also understand your limitations — and celebrate your triumphs. This level of self-awareness comes with time and experience, but when you are appointed to a position or given a job opportunity that directly aligns with your natural talents, career expert for TopResume, Amanda Augustine says you’re tracking along, just fine.

“The right job should play to your strengths, while still providing room for you to grow. If you possess certain abilities that you’ve worked hard to hone and you enjoy using, then search for opportunities that will allow you to leverage them,” she shares.

You have synergy between professional and personal

Sure, it may sound a bit metaphorical than practical, but career expert Joy Altimare says when a person is living their best career path, they’ll find harmonious energy that connects every effort and activity to success. This makes them feel like they’re doing something they’re great at (because they are), they’re appreciated (and it shows) and they are helping their community (with proof).

“When this happens you will feel like you’re living your calling, and work no longer ‘feels like work,’” she continues. “To really live this way, you will find yourself being constantly present, critical and vigilant about living your truth — in and out of the office.”

You feel as though you’re still learning and growing

Even if your job checks off a few of those qualities you would want in employment — like a paycheck and flexible hours — if it doesn’t allow an opportunity for growth, you’re selling yourself short. As Augustine puts it, in the best kind of job you will find opportunities to not only sharpen but expand your skills.

“This keeps you engaged and happy at work and ensures you don’t become complacent at work,” she continues. “The fastest way to lose your relevancy in the workforce is to stop learning. Look for the moments that will challenge you and encourage you to take some calculated risks.”

Your job may be stressful or tough, but you still enjoy the work

In the world’s most amazing career of all time — it isn’t only smooth sails, endless fulfilling experiences, and rewarding compensation. In fact, stress will come with any and every gig, no matter the industry or your leadership level. Augustine reminds professionals there will be long nights, tight deadlines, difficult customers and tough negotiations. But if you’re in the right job, these bumps in the are just that: bumps.

“They don’t blindside you or make you question why you’re pursuing this career in the first place. If you are able to keep perspective, even when the going gets tough, it means you’ve found the right career path,” she shares.

You’re excited to think about work

It’s Sunday — and you know what that means: scaries. Or maybe not, if you’re doing the job made for you. Though there will be vacations you wish you could extend, weekends where another day would be great and times when you feel exhausted, Altimare says when someone is so passionate about their work, they look forward to it, it’s a sign of happiness. You may even find that you like thinking about your work and it doesn’t exhaust you to do so.

“You see inspiration throughout the day and often think of ways in which to drive results outside of the office,” she adds. This means you’re dedicated and truly engaged with what you’re doing every single day.

Originally published on The Ladders.

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