It is a common notion amongst many that maintaining a car is like keeping a white elephant. A car is an essential machine that helps you to commute easily, especially in case of urgency. However, the bottom line is that it is a “machine” and invariably needs maintenance to perform flawlessly in the years to come.

If the owner is careful and regular in up keeping the machine, then there will be no issues in the future. Here are some simple tricks that will assist in keeping your car on the road, running smoothly as desired.


This is the first thing on top priority. Many insurance agencies offer car insurance. Your job is to do a comprehensive study of car insurance comparison from various sources and then select the best one that covers reasonable number of instances in the quoted premium.

Once the car is insured then it is simple to cope with emergencies like accidents, breakdowns and others. A good insurance company will ensure that your car gets replacement with original spares in case of accident and a reputed garage handles the repair work.


If your car is going to be idle for a long time, then it is better to cover it with a car-cover. This will protect the car color from harsh sunlight and prevent fading. Besides, it will also protect the interiors, as heated car body can affect the interiors when not in use.

Similarly, do make it a point to park the car in shade wherever possible. This protects the car’s engine and keeps it cool and even the seats are comfortable to sit on when you return.


Car manufacturers always advise a certain fuel grade for the particular vehicle in order to get optimum performance. However, people try to compromise and in an effort to save money, use a lower grade fuel than recommended. This definitely has an adverse effect on the engine’s performance and can damage the components. Thus, adhere to the recommendation of the company and fill the fuel from a reliable gas station.

Here is a word of caution though, do not fill the gas at the station where you see the gasoline tanker emptying the contents for refilling. Under such circumstances, the storage level of the tanks has gone down and the newly added fuel forces the sediments up. This fuel when filled in your car can choke the fuel filters and injectors, resulting in poor performance or unnecessary repairs.


Keeping a record of the mileage and gas refill schedule is crucial. Hence, have a writing pad and pencil in the glove compartment and make a note of the mileage every time you visit the gas station. This enables you to understand the fuel consumption and warns you of impending service requirement or repairs.

Similarly, maintain a log of periodic servicing schedules, so that you do not miss it.


A quick check of the air pressure in tires can give you peace of mind while travelling. This will alert you of low air or possibility of a puncture. An uneven air pressure can cause the car to drag and hence consumes more fuel.

Worn out tires can make the car to skid, especially on slippery roads. Therefore, before setting out to travel, ascertain that the tires are in perfect condition, with adequate air pressure.

These simple and basic tricks and tips will ensure a safe ride for you and reduce the tension or headache of unnecessary repair expenses.