If you have been following the same routine and habits for years without even thinking twice about how you would really like your day to go by, then you need to seriously pause. You are stuck to a specific pattern that needs to be changed. 

You need to practice being fully present in the present, in other words, mindfulness throughout the day, and these simple tips will help you bring it into practice.

1. Start Your Day with a Purpose:

Do not just go about your day. Take a minute to analyze the purpose of your day. How would you better yourself and take care of yourself that day? Every day is unique and special, do not lose the opportunity to do something that brings you content every day.

2. Enjoy Every Bite of Your Food:

You must have heard of mindful eating, but do you bring it into practice? Most of us do not just focus on what we eat as we are too distracted catching up on our favorite series. We do not even realize what we eat and forget to enjoy the texture and taste of the meal. 

Eating frequent meals is an essential part of a human’s life that we cannot skip. We have been doing it from the day we were born and will do it till we die. Learn to enjoy each bite you eat. Focus on your meal and do not eat anything, which you do not like, even if it is extremely healthy. You can always find an alternate. Mindfully choose what you eat based on what you really enjoy.

3. Trigger Your Brain Often:

If you use a stick note to remind you of activities and motivate yourself to finish a task, after a while, it will not really trigger your mind as there is no element of freshness. Keep changing your routines and ways in order to keep your mind triggered and excited always.

I had a specific routine every day and the same habits of reminding me of the tasks for years, which not only made my life monotonous but my mind dull as well. I run a small business and have done it a certain way for years, hence I was wired to follow the same routine without putting my brain to work in order to do better business. A few years of bad business made me realize that I had become too comfortable and lazy, which is when revamped and rebranded with the help of Walmart ads agency that helped reach more target customers and make a good profit.

4. Practice Mindful Workout:

I have always been a bit overweight, hence had to force myself to work out every day to burn the extra calories and stay fit. It had become more of a routine rather than an activity that I could enjoy.

Learning to be mindful of my day has made me realize that I need to practice the same while I work out. To be willing to exercise and be present mentally as well will help you feel more connected with your body and energized to do the activity. Do not repeat routines but make it a habit to slowly enjoy and feel the burn as it will be 10 times more effective this way.

5. Guided Thoughts Before You Sleep:

As soon as I used to hit the bed, randomly several thoughts popped in my head and the worst nightmares or topics that could make me anxious was what I used to think about, which led to sleepless nights or disturbed sleep. 

Mindfulness is to be practiced not just while you are awake, but even when you lay in your bed. In fact, it is one of the most crucial times when you need to guide your thoughts in the right direction in order to feel fresh the next day. 

Mindfulness can be practiced in each and every nook of your life, and if done right, it can change the way you go about your life, as it did for me.