Wouldn’t you love to get happier? In our entire life, we keep searching the key to happiness. But is it possible to find that key?

The circling world teaches us to chase success, wealth, romantic date, fancy car, luxurious villa, or whatnot. Can these really make one happier?

The answer is a big No. Materialistic things can only make you feel great for a certain period. For long-term happiness, you need to focus on an inner change of perspective and attitude.

I would like to share 5 very simple ways, you can increase your satisfaction and happiness. The amazing news is, anyone, can follow these tricks.

Always remember, happiness is your choice and you need to work for it.

So, there you go.

1. Win Your Negative Thoughts For A Simple Happy Life

 Are you feeling low? Feeling stuck in negative thoughts?

Take the very first step of your happiness. Beat your negative vibes and win them.

According to a journal by The New York Times, the key suggestion is ‘Don’t stop negative thoughts rather challenge them.’

You may lose your lover. You might get fired from your dream job. Now if you blame yourself for everything and indulge in constant negativity, you’ll never find happiness. 

Practice acceptance of your failure. Be optimistic. Spread Positivity and start over again. Overthinking will block your happiness only. Believe, ‘What’s meant for you, will always reach you eventually.’

2. Nurture Your Relationship And Find True Meaning Of Life

 You may often wonder what’s the source of happiness in life? Is it money, fame, branded accessories, a higher degree, or a dream job? 

Nothing mentioned above can comfort you if you are not happy in your personal relationships. That’s why it’s a brilliant suggestion from CNN health, ‘Spend 21 minutes focusing on relationships.’

A blissful emotional investment you can make by nurturing your relationships. Within your busy schedule, try to stay connected with your friends. Invest in quality time with parents and relatives. Make sincere and conscious efforts for your partner, compliment them.

When you make an effort for people you care about, soon you will reap the rewards. You’ll be happy within yourself leading to a positive life.

Always Spare Time For Your Special One

3. Practice Kindness In Your Daily Life

 Do you want to feel happier? Being depressed, sometimes suicidal thoughts came into your mind? I will share now the biggest secret behind happiness.

There is something magical beauty in helping others and feeling like your actions are changing someone’s lives.

Look for ways to become more compassionate. Put a smile on a stranger’s face or keep a grocery bag on someone’s door. You never know your one act of kindness can create an enormous difference in the world. No act is minor. Therefore, I picked up a famous quote regarding kindness.

Every act of kindness is a charity.

Prophet Muhammad (S)

4. Chase Your Passion, Not Your Pension

Brain & Heart, two contradictory organs of our body. While the brain suggests you walk on path A, the heart tells going for path B. 

Do you know, how can you be happy? Choosing your heart, choosing your passion can make you happier only.

Spare some time for yourself. If you love traveling, go for a trek. Explore the places you cherished, leaving behind your past. Treat your mind sitting on a seashore with your favorite person. Enjoy what you love and heal yourself.

Do you love writing? Write about your struggle. Again rewrite them from a positive viewpoint or a neutral observer. It will boost your mood and improve happiness. Suppose, you’ve failed an exam. You’ll probably write, ‘I am the worst, that’s why I failed’. Again, rewrite ‘I have failed today. I’ll work hard and do well’. Thus, you can boost your confidence too.

When you follow your passion you may make less money than others. But isn’t it amazing, you are following your passion? Career is not something you hate. Stay true to yourself, do what you love, and remain happy.

5. Count Your Blessings And Smile Wholeheartedly

Teach yourself to become grateful. It can make a tremendous difference in your happiness diary.

Express gratitude. Gratitude helps to reduce depression and make you feel better. When someone does something for you, don’t delay showing your appreciation. It will make the person feel good.

Count your blessings. You can keep a gratitude or blessing journal. Remember all the splendid things, experiences, and people in life. If you can bring out the positivity through an unpleasant experience, you’ll finally be able to be happy.

Now it’s time to smile. Studies show that smile reduces stress and anxiety. Besides, a simple smile of yours can make one’s day beautiful. Why shouldn’t you do it more?

There are a million ways to find your happiness. It may vary from person to person. 

But one thing is genuine for all. Appreciate what you have and live for others. You’ll find happiness within yourself and that’s the goal, right?