sleep hacks

We can’t produce a great performance without a proper sleep. It can be your secret weapon to boost your energy level and make you enthusiastic at work.

Here are 5 simple sleep hacks to teach you how to do it (I’ve tested these hacks).

1. Treat sleep as part of the daily plan

We take sleep as an independent activity that we do at night. Change your behavior. Perhaps you never noticed, but sleep is influenced by everything you do in a day before going to bed.

Remember, It’s not just about the exact time you go to bed at night. It’s about every activity you do throughout the day. Poor eating habits, napping at the wrong times. Eating at inappropriate times and other bad habits can harm your daily sleep. Develop some good habits to build up a good sleep cycle.

2. Develop a bedtime ritual and stick with it

Developing a bedtime ritual will help you to make an efficient sleep cycle. Go to bed at the same time. No matter what you’re doing, sleep should be your priority. Read a book before hitting your bed to calm your mind. Do meditation. Take a shower (I prefer to wash my face and legs before bed).

Try to stick with this ritual because our mind loved the consistency. Why setting a ritual is so important? It helps your brain recognizes that it’s time for unwinding and relaxing, and you fall asleep within minutes.

3. Turn off the electronic devices ( No blue light)

This is probably the best sleep hack in today’s digital world where electronics are part of our life. No mobile, tablets, TV, or laptops 30 minutes before bed. Never check social media and email before bed.

In short, no electronic gadgets in your bedroom. Stay away from that blue light because the blue light will affect your sleep and will keep you awake.

4. Try a glass of warm milk

Drinking warm milk is a beneficial sleep hack for the person who’s trying to get to sleep fast. It keeps your body relaxed and allows you to sleep like a baby. A study found that infants go to sleep faster after feedings.

Your mom was right about drinking milk before bed. So, if you want to have a good night’s sleep, try a glass of warm milk, rather than the caffeine.

5. Don’t rely on your alarm clock

For years I have not used an alarm clock for waking up in the morning. I use BIO, NATURAL, CLOCK. It’s the way we’re designed. Before hitting my pillow at night I command my subconscious brain with a specific time for waking me.

What happens when your natural body clock manages your sleep? You feel great. More fresh. And magical.

You just need to train your mind to wake up on time by developing a regular sleep routine. Because your body wants you to sleep and wake up at the same time.

The article was originally published at The Blogging Grind