This article was originally published in thegentlealbum.com, a holistic health blog about mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, and skincare.

Quarantine has really affected us all in all sorts of ways. Being stuck at home all day for a long period of time causes us to fall into a quarantine slump by changing our mood and motivation. However, you need to hear this – it’s completely normal to feel that way. It’s what you do about it those feelings that matter. Since you’re reading this, you’ve already made a commitment to yourself that you’re going to get out of this quarantine slump!

Change is always hard, but these five actionable tips require very little effort and can help you tremendously.

1. Stand up and stretch

It can’t get any easier than this. If you find yourself unable to get out of bed every morning or you tend to be a couch potato throughout the day, tell yourself to get up and do a few easy stretches. If you’re feeling bored of doing the same stretches every day, try doing some exercises with a yoga ball. After stretching, you’ll feel more relaxed and your mind will clear up.

2. Open your blinds and stare outside

Go open them right now! Natural lighting makes everyone’s mood brighter. Don’t just open the blinds, but also take some time to look outside and look far. According to The School of Life, staring outside is an exercise in discovering the contents of our own minds. It helps you become more aware of your own thoughts and reflect on yourself. If you can, open up your window to get a breath of fresh air as well.

3. Workout with the right mindset

It may seem difficult to be motivated to workout during this time, but once you start, the endorphins will kick in and it’ll be an instant mood booster. Remind yourself why you’re working out because that will be your motivation. There are so many other benefits to working out including reducing stress, boosting self-esteem, and lessening anxiety – all of which are symptoms of being in a quarantine slump. Working out doesn’t have to be hard. Start off with some low-intensity workouts to get your body moving.

4. Declutter your space

The act of organizing your space is extremely therapeutic. After decluttering, the result of being in a clean space will make you feel so happy. When you’re happy, you’ll feel more motivated to get things done. Try the Marie Kondo Method of tidying up by category. Her method teaches everyone to only keep items that spark joy. It’s truly a life-changer.

5. Grab a piece of paper and write down your goals

This one requires more mental power. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll feel so much motivation at the end of this exercise. Fill out your paper with three columns – daily goals, monthly goals, and your goals for the rest of the year. Think about any hobbies you’ve always wanted to start, a skill you want to improve, or a health goal, and write them down.

Go ahead and try one of these tips right now, or all of them! Getting out of a slump is a slow process, so just take it one step at a time. Don’t rush it.