Inspiration… beautiful and fickle… I love it when inspiration hits.

It allows my creativity to flow like a river after the rain, washing me along to giddying heights. I feel alive, on top of my game, highly productive and divinely lead. I can produce content quickly and with ease, I speak to friends and family with excitement about the next opportunities and I see possibilities everywhere!

Inspired action is where we should all be living from on a daily basis.

A place where we mindfully connect with our desires and design our business and life around that. We live as the highest version of ourselves with ease and grace!

But, what about when you don’t feel inspired? You know, when you have that blank feeling, you don’t know to do next and it all feels heavy?

Inspiration is rather like a butterfly, beautiful, fleeing, you have to chase it sometimes.

Feeling inspired on demand can feel like a bit of a challenge. The pressure to find inspiration to be creative, or get that project finished can go two ways.

Either it becomes a massive antidote to inspiration and causes anxiety and fear that everything will all fall apart, or it sparks a fire that helps sharpen the mind and create solutions from thin air.

If you are in the former camp then how do you get into a place of inspiration so you can take action from that divinely and creatively lead place?

Is there a way to capturing the inspiration butterfly for long enough to transform yourself through the next stage and onto the next goal?

The inspiration roller coaster can drive us all nuts at times (especially when we really need to be inspired). But, desperation doesn’t attract inspiration… only the flower attracts the butterfly.

I have 5 simple ways for you to get into the inspiration vibration:

1. Change your environment

This is my top tip. I get so much inspiration from beautiful inspired surroundings and high vibration people. Working from my home office is great, but any family mess and toys can be a distraction. It’s healthy for me to get dressed up for ‘work’ and go somewhere else to break the patterns from being at home.

I often work in my summerhouse office, or at my garden table. Sometimes I work in the private room at my health club, an artisan cafe, or the lobby of an up-market hotel. I also have a break and walk outside, I visit art galleries and museums. Being surrounded by nature and beauty really helps me feel inspired and creative.

Being surrounded by an inspirational location doesn’t mean you have to become an extrovert either. You do it your way, if you prefer to be introverted then you don’t have to strike up conversations if you really don’t feel like it. But knowing other people are present helps build that feeling of community and belonging.

2. Go within to find the answers

Find quiet time during your day to practice meditation. Have a journal next to you and if you have an idea whilst meditating, jot it down, then continue in your practice. Having a notepad in the bathroom also helps because my best ideas come when I have my morning shower!

Speaking to your coach will also help. They are trained to listen actively and reflect back what they hear. This helps you understand what you are actually thinking versus what you are saying. Clarity is inspiration! Record your sessions so you can review and gain even further insights.

3. Be inspired by people who have what you desire and use ‘jealously’ as the litmus test for what you want for your life.

Jealous has been given some bad wraps over the years. Yes, jealousy can be a very negative emotion – if you let it eat you up. But if you feel envy about someone else’s success then it shows you want that for yourself.

Model what that person has done and why not even ask them how they achieved it. Then you can learn the secret to their success and decide if what they have is really for you.

I also find that reading books and watch films about people who have overcome adversity and been successful can be so inspirational. This can help you feel uplifted, inspired and give new perspective. Think of Eddie the Eagle – he was ridiculed – but he never let other people stand in his way.

You could also find a mentor. Why reinvent the wheel? Just go to the source and ask. The answers you get may surprise and inspire you to think differently.

What lessons can you draw from the book, film or person. How can you apply this to your project, business or life?

4. Let your body take over to quiet your mind and let it reset

Exercise helps the body release stress and tension – two massive antidotes to creativity and inspiration!

Here’s the trick to feeling inspired: either do something you wouldn’t normally do, or do your normal workout somewhere different!

If you like running, go to Yoga. If you like Yoga, go spinning. The exercise doesn’t matter that much it’s the act of pattern interrupt which challenges the body and the brain to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and feeling inspired again.

Go for a run in a different park, or cycle home a different way. A change is as good as a rest as they say!

5. Be spontaneous and creative in something else

We all get stuck in a rut at times.

Book a day away somewhere you’ve never been before. On a whim! Don’t plan it all out too much, just go and have an adventure.

Don’t forget that you are creative – we all are.

Partake in a creative activity to develop new neural connections. Buy a canvas and paint. Up cycle a piece of furniture. Have a singing lesson. Visit the park and take photos. Go to the theatre. Cook a new recipe. Camp in the garden with your kids. Watch a film in French.

Challenge your brain to think differently and it will provide inspiration and joy.

Make creativity part of your everyday life and you will find more inspiration comes in your life everyday with ease. Those days of being uninspired will simply fade like a memory!

If you need any extra help feel free to reach out to me by email. I specialise in helping health, wellness and life coaches who want to attract more leads and clients. The first steps starts with getting clear on knowing what you want and focusing on the few simple strategies that will work for you.

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