Developing your business from scratch is a huge responsibility that can be immensely stressful. When you are working with a team for long hours you expect perfect results, but when that does not happen, it starts taking a toll on your mental peace. Trying to push through the stress will do more harm than good to your health and eventually, that will affect your business as well.

Fear not! Here are five simple tips to help budding entrepreneurs to strike a balance between their work and personal life and make sure they stay healthy and fit enough to manage their business smoothly.

Tips to De-Stress for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs setting up a start-up particularly face trouble when they are still figuring out the best course to maximize profit. The following are certain ways in which you can cope and organize your business without hampering your lifestyle outside your working hours.

1. Make a schedule of your work hour

Establishing your business gives you freedom from the 9-to-5 routine of working for someone else. But this is also a problem as many entrepreneurs lose control of their schedule with the newly gained freedom. While you have the flexibility to go to the office when you want, setting a schedule will ensure you are not sitting at the office during odd-hours when you will rather spend time with your family. Recognize the time of the day when you feel most productive, schedule your daily task and work accordingly to make the most of the time.

2. Delegate to your staff

There are certain tasks that cannot be delayed and put aside, but it is not always essential for you to be present personally. When you have hired people for different tasks, you can easily delegate the respective work to them. After all, you have hired your staff for their skills and experience. Best utilization of their potential will pay off positively for your business while leaving you with more free time.

3. Learn to say “no”

Saying “yes” to every request and work that comes by you will soon leave you over exhausted with almost no time for yourself. There will be times when you have to say “no” to ensure you are not over-exerting. If you have a business partner, divide the workload. Learning to say “no” in business can put you in situations where you cannot be flexible to make a client happy or backup for mistakes made by your partner. It is up to you to recognize situations where you should not balk for your own mental and physical health.

4. Make the most of technology

In today’s’ world, much of your entrepreneurial work can be automated if you have the right software. Invest in good software to handle crucial but tasking departments to free up your mind. For example, bookkeeping and accounting are essential to every business in keeping track of all transactions. Besides having a dedicated bookkeeping professional, using an accounting software will help you have better control over your finances without having to go through hard copies of journals and bills. It will also provide you crucial insights and notifications for payments and tax returns.

Other helpful software are those used for payroll management which can generate all the necessary payroll and compliance reports like payslips and give you an insight into the tax liabilities.

5. Prioritize your health

“Health is wealth” is a true saying when we are talking of start-up business owners. Unless you are healthy and energetic enough, coping with all the work to run a new business will become tougher. Getting enough sleep is essential as lack of sleep can cloud your judgement, and lead to mood swings or failing memory- all of which can affect your business adversely. Make it a habit to exercise every day as it will keep you active and prevent ailments and diseases that are caused by inactivity.

According to Scott McGohan, CEO of McGohan Brabender,

“Leaders have a lot of obligations running an organization—an obligation to their employees, an obligation to their families, and [to their organization].”

Which means you cannot afford to neglect your well-being by overworking if it eventually leads to major health issues when so many people are counting on you.

A business, that is your brain-child, should be what you love and not stress you out. There will always be ups and downs in the business. But keeping these simple tips in mind and incorporating them in your lifestyle over the years will make sure you are more productive and enjoying the work thoroughly.