Some individuals go through a difficult phase in their life where they have almost every luxury of life yet they feel incomplete in themselves. It could be related to past incidents, repentance of something, or even it could be boring monotonous life. They definitely continue doing their daily chores but somewhere they feel something is missing. If this is causing you stress and you feel some change is required in the schedule why not do it for a good cause and earn some respect for you?

Our society gives us the foundation of real life learning and we use them with us in every step of life. In schools and colleges we gain knowledge mostly on theory but when we meet people, learn from them, it gives us a more clear picture of how real life actually is. When an individual goes through a feeling of incompleteness, its time to payback to the society which could help our future generation cope up with situations we have come across and feel ourselves much more positive.

Below are five different ways we could help our own society and feel relaxed

1- Volunteering Programs

Countries like Canada have various volunteering programs where all individuals can participate, work for various programs and increase their networking as well. These volunteering programs could include providing services on railways, cleaning activities, education for kids, cultural programs and many more. When you get involved with such programs and spend some time with other people working for our own society, a feeling of completeness can be achieved which helps reducing stress.

2- Creating Self-Awareness among people

Every small steps towards a better life can help achieve a lot we don’t see. If we see someone misusing any of our government property, it is our moral responsibility to inform the authorities confidentially and also try to create awareness among people about those losses are indirectly hurting us only. Another example could be usage of e-tickets while travelling daily to your workplace could save millions of small pieces of paper. If you could create awareness among a few, they will in turn forward the positive message to another few and this continues, spreading your message to thousands. You will feel better each and everyday doing this.

3- Spend time with Elderly people

Have you ever noticed who are the most audience in various coffee shops during mid day on weekdays? Of course, college graduates are a part of it but if you notice more closely, you will see elderly people sitting alone sipping their coffee. It is because they feel, they need to talk to someone, share their feelings and spend some time out. If you come across elderly people and you have some spare time, it is definitely worth your time to check with them if you can sit with them? If they don’t mind, why not break the ice and start the conversation and make someone feel good for the day? You could meet elderly people almost everywhere, be it a grocery shop, your apartment garden or even your elevator. A small chit chat with them could make their day.

4- Donate some amount

It is not mandatory that one has to donate money to various organisations but if you feel some or other institutions could benefit from every smallest donations, go ahead for it. One example could be donating $20 to the army donation fund. These small donations merge up to provide better services for the soldiers of your own country who protect you from every issues. This is a good way to payback to your society.

5- Write blogs about your own learning and spread the word

Finally, you can write about your experiences of various ways you helped people or how your society actually benefited from it on blogs and share it with others. Let them learn about how to feel better and this actually helps spreading the word among youth much faster than any other channels. If we include 10% of the total youth providing their hands to support the society positively, there would be a dramatic change we can see in altogether.