things to do fall

With cooler temperatures, football, and pumpkin spice around the corner, it’s time to gear up for fall. Are you excited for the change in season? Or lamenting the loss of summer?

Now that my kids are back in school, I can’t wait for the fun that the fall holidays have to offer. So, today is a simple reminder to take breaks this fall. To enjoy the sweet moments with friends and family even if you’re busy.

After all, just like the seasons, your time is fleeting. And precious.

1. Host a Chili Cookoff

Who makes the best pot of chili? It’s time to get cooking and find out!

2. Have People Over to Watch Football

Grab your favorite game day snacks and enjoy at least one day watching the big game with people you love.

3. Get Into Halloween This Year

Dig your favorite Halloween books for kids out, wear a witch/wizard hat while you give out candy, or host a grownup costume party.

See more fun bucket list ideas for Halloween here. Then, make the most of this deliciously fun holiday.

4. Go Pumpkin (or Apple) Crazy

Sure, there’s the famous Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. But what about trying apple butter? Or your own pumpkin bread? It’s cool enough to get that oven going again, so let’s take advantage!

5. Become a Happier Person

By focusing on gratitude! Thanksgiving gives us the best opportunity to settle our attention on what’s going well in our lives. And the little things that make us lucky to be alive. So, start a gratitude journal this fall. Or just get in the habit of jotting down three good things that happen to you every day.

In Conclusion

There you have it! These five things are small, but each one centers you on life’s small moments. And with each one, you find peace, happiness, and memories that last a lifetime.

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Leave a comment and let me know!