Although many people do their best to stay away from them, problems are an inherent part of life. Even when you think that you are safe and invincible – a challenge comes up and instantly disrupt your comfort.

The fact is that problems are universal – people from all walks of life go through tough times regardless of status, fame or financial situation.

Nobody was ever born with an inborn ability to deal with problems which accounts for why a great deal of people struggle when it comes to effectively coming up with solutions.

Here is the 5-step process to help you deal with problems more effectively:

1 – Change Your State

Most of the time, we get immediately reactive when problems arise. It causes us to fall into a disempowering state which doesn’t allow us to tap into our full potential.

This is why changing your state is essential: so that you can take back your power and get rid of the problem before it controls you.

When it comes to managing your state, I’m a huge advocate of directing the mind. The only difference between what makes you feel powerful and powerless is the thoughts that are racing through your mind. In other words, what you focus on.

It can be as simple as changing your perception about the said problem: what can this problem teach you? How is it going to make your life better?

Ask yourself questions that elicit positive answers and set yourself up for massive success.

2 – Change Your Vocabulary

Out of all the high-frequency words there are to express a concept, we often limit ourselves into using a few only. More often than not, these selected few are disempowering. 

The fact of the matter is that most people have negative associations with the word ‘’problem’’: their brain links so much pain to it that they feel lousy just by thinking about it.

How would you feel about using a word that triggers more positive reactions, such as ‘’challenge’’? A challenge is nothing more than a stepping stone to break through your own limits.

This small change may not seem like much, but it really do wonders!

3 – Identify The Problem

This shouldn’t take most of your time. Unfortunately, most people end up spending way too much time focusing on the problems and feeling bad about it! In fact, this often leads to one of the worst state possible to be in during tough times: overwhelm.

Define and write down exactly on a piece of paper what the nature of the challenge you’re facing is. 

4 – Focus On The Solution

Spend 20% of your time on the problem and 80% on the solution. The fact of the matter is that you won’t solve the problem without taking any action, and rarely will you find the right answer with the sniper-approach – which is one shot only.

Once you do take some kind of actions, then notice the results you’re getting; are they getting you closer the solution or further away?

5 – Destroy The Problem

Can’t find a way to solve this problem? It’s time to destroy it.

Ask anybody that is facing a major challenge in their lives what they’ve tried to solve it and the majority will tell you ‘’everything’’, which typically means between 3 to 10 things.

Fortunately, Thomas Edison didn’t give up after failing 10 times at inventing the light bulb! 

Write down no less than 100 ways to destroy the challenge on a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter if some of the ideas seem worthless or inconceivable, jot them down and apply them all until you finally overcome this challenge!