Stress Devours Your Energy. What Can You Do About It?

Everyone wants to be happy and successful in life, but life is a learn curve and it comes with a price. The more you strive to reach your goals, the more stressful it becomes.

In the short term, stress may seem like the motivating force of your ambition, but over time, it consumes your drive, and productivity. Stress is the root cause of many physical and psychological health issue.

Why? Because stress feeds fear. Whether you have a fear of failure or a fear of success, fear of lack, rejection, being bullied or simply not being good enough, stress devours your energy and erodes your self-esteem. As your self-esteem diminishes, you begin to doubt yourself and your sense of purpose. You feel out of control and begin to believe that life is a struggle.

The triple whammy of stress, fear, and struggle dampen your enthusiasm and dull your determination. They disconnect you from the creative resources within you which are there to help you to overcome obstacles and find happiness, health, success, and love.

You don’t just want to manage stress, you want to banish it.

So how do you do that? There is a powerful remedy for stress, and you can start accessing it right now through guided meditation. This powerful process is a key to access the deep relaxation needed to banish stress, diminish fear and resolve the inner struggle. Most importantly, meditation links you to the internal power source that can take on any challenge in life.

The goal of guided meditation is to have greater control over your life, awaken your creativity and fire up your enthusiasm. There is nothing to learn. All you have to do is sit back and listen. Guided meditation helps you to get back in touch with your authentic self. It reconnects you to your deepest desires and abilities to be successful, to thrive and to enjoy the journey.

Let’s look at five steps in guided meditation that will help you overcome your stress, fear and struggle, and get you back in touch with your personal power.


Have you ever noticed when you’re feeling stressed out that you hold your breath, or in some cases, you even stop breathing?

Breath feeds life. When you breathe in, your breath carries the life-renewing oxygen that energizes your cells. As you breathe out, your breath releases the pent-up toxins and accumulated stress stored in your cells and your entire body relaxes.

For the purposes of mastering deep relaxation, the longer your exhalation, the deeper your relaxation. And the deeper your relaxation, the more stress you release. The more stress you release, the closer you are to feeling a sense of inner peace. It is inner peace that reconnects you in yourself and your inner power.

Each time you breathe in, a revitalizing calm comes over your nervous system. As you breathe out, your nerves will unwind and calm down as you release the pent up pressure, tension, and stress.

The breath also has a profound effect on your mind. As you breathe into your brain, it softens and quiets the mental chatter. As you exhale, your mind becomes clear and focused, and you’ll experience what is called mindfulness.

At this point your body is relaxed, your nerves are calm, your mind is still, clear and peaceful. Your mind begins to turn away from the choas of the incessant drive for acievement and moves into the magic of your imagination, the realm of infinite possibilities. You’ll begin to detach from all problems, letting go of worries and doubts, and turn down the tapes in your head. A sense of serenity comes over you as you effortlessly glide deeper and deeper into relaxation and you’ll begin to see things with fresh eyes.

You’ll drift into a quiet solitude within where you feel relaxed, in harmony, and at one with yourself. Moving to the shores of your subconscious mind, you’ll approach the gateway to inner peace. You are now ready to fully tap the revitalizing powers of deep relaxation and recharge you batteries.


Consciously connecting to your heart is an all important benefit of guided meditation. The heart is the core of your life and the essence of who you really are. When you breathe into your heart, you’ll begin to let go of fear. The heart is the center of courage and conviction. The more you open your heart space, the more you will own the love that you’ve been given, and express the love you have to give. Love is the source of self-empowerment.

Breath and love intertwine to create an energetic shift that allows you to surrender your ego. Surrender is not giving up. Rather it is letting go of your analytical mind so that you can relax and embrace life from a place of love, rather than your intellect. In other words, you are shifting your awareness from thinking into being. You were designed to live from your heart not your head. As you make this shift the stress melts away.


Guided meditation brings you directly into the depths of your subconscious mind, which is your internal guidance system for improving your life. Your subconscious holds the blueprint for your happiness, health, and success. It also contains the transformational force that can change your beliefs, and alter the way you think, feel and react. The power of your the subconscious mind is unlimited in its scope and magnitude to shape your life for the better.

You’ll are now able to embrace the power of your creative mind, which is the seat of all inspiration and unlimited possibilities. Drawing from that energy reserve, you can now access your intuition and realize that you are the master of your life and circumstances. You’ll immerse yourself in the feeling that you are fearless and free. Whatever decisions you make will be made with the clearity and focus of your conviction, and they will be the right decisions for you!


Nothing is more potent than meditation to get your self-image right and to banish the exhausting effects of stress. During meditationHere the art of visualization comes into play. It is the key to cultivatining a dynamic self-image and being successful. Project a positive self-image on the screen of your imagination. See yourself as confident, enthusiastic, self-reliant, persistent, and resilient. Allow your desire, passion and will to infuse your self-image and set into motion the transforming power of your mind.

As you continually focus on a healthy self-image, you will see that your beliefs, habits, and actions conform precisely to what you envision. Seeing is believing! As you seed your subconscious mind, you will manifest exactly what you see. That’s how it works.

When you commit to yourself, you believe in yourself and you’ll remain purposeful and decisive in all your actions. You can tanibly feel the inner confidence and self-reliance re-emerging within you. They will move throughout your body as you take back the courage of your conviction and develop greater trust in yourself.

Guided meditation helps you sustain a positive attitude and when you determine to give your best, you will bring forth your best. With this intention, you will begin to see positive and beneficial results in your body, in your mind, and in your daily experiences.


The calming effects that meditation brings forth, will help you not to sweat the small stuff and remain focused on the enjoyment of your life. As you breathe into the frontal lobe of your brain, it will activate what I call your “Joy Center.” As you exhale, let your joy freely circulate throughout your being. You’ll feel good in your body, mind, and emotions. Continue breathing in this way and you can even experience bliss. Joy infuses your heart with gratitude, and gratitude sets your spirit free. Send a smile of loving approval down to your heart, you’ll feel lighter, more loving and accept yourself. That is what you need most, to accept yourself.

The incredible benefit of guided meditation is the experience of inner peace, self-acceptance, and self-reliance. Mastering deep relaxation is a powerful way to regain the exhilarating joy of living fully with less stress and more success.

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