Have you ever been in such positive state of mental flow that you almost hover outside of your body looking down at yourself saying, “Wow, I’m good!”

What a feeling, right? All your goals and aspirations have a roadmap for completion and it’s never been so clear. The thoughts you experience become reality and you finally have some peace of mind. Remember telling yourself in that moment, “This is easy! Why haven’t I been doing this my whole life?”

Then the next day it’s gone. You struggle to remember how any of the strands weaved together to construct your quilt of life. Now you’re asking, “How can I get back to that amazing state of being?”

This sensation occurs for many of us. Sometimes it’s once in a lifetime, some once in a year. There are tons, though, who reach this pinnacle everyday. These folks understand themselves and the habits they need to practice to enable this regular mental flow.

Once you’ve been able to master this regularly, you’ll easily find your stance and values, and be able to detail out a more intricate plan of attack towards your goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally jump head first into your visions?

Step 1: Recognize your storm

Whether these flow states come to you on a monthly basis or once a year, we need to know the signs so we can be prepared. Good or bad, typically these thoughts are coming to us for some reason — maybe it was an activity at work or the way someone treated you while driving. For me, the evening tends to be the perfect condition for a flurry of ideas.

While our thoughts become our reality, we are impacted by the people around us and the experiences we have in a day. These experiences can put us in a state of anger, fear, motivation or enlightenment. These thoughts are all swirling, zigging and zagging as they brew up the most perfect brain cloud. This is the experience we’ve been waiting for! I feel like a tornado chaser!

Step 2. Write it!

Who keeps a pen and notepad around? Unless it’s a habit you grew up with, it’s difficult to jot down content when the tools aren’t readily available. My suggestion is to buy a few notepads and keep at least one next to you when you sleep at night. Don’t forget a pen, you’ll need that as well.

Make a mental note now and write it down, the old fashioned way, on a piece of paper rather than typing it into your smartphone. While it’s almost guaranteed that your device is sitting there waiting to be texted into, refrain from typing in notes. A few reasons why:

Pen to paper allows for a more thoughtful recollection and studies show physically writing engrains the content deeper into your subconscious.

Not only that, but your phone is a ticking time bomb ready to change your subconscious in an instant. This mental flow is yours, not someone (or thing) else’s. Give yourself the attention, no one else.

Write and write when you’re in the zone. Let it all flow. If it makes sense, great! If it’s all jumbled and messy, that’s just as important. You’ll need these ideas to look back on later.

Step 3. Examine the damage

When a storm is done moving its way through a city, insurance companies need to learn what happened and asses the damage in order to write a detailed claim. They review the aftermath and give you money to rebuild stronger. Similarly, you need to review your brainstorm and examine your notes to make a claim and move forward. What did you think up and write down? Did you run into fears, love interests, or businesses you want to start? Many times when you look back on your free write, you’ll see trends or similarities in ideas.

I do this often as it’s one of the more important steps in the process. I’ve gotten to a point where I can write down the weird ideas and intricate pathways to obtaining my goals. These are ideas that come once and leave. For instance, one session I had with Glowsoul moved towards a franchise operation. I took the notes I wrote a week later and rounded off some details to form a stronger plan of action. I won’t use this idea yet. But in a few years, it could be my next step.

Step 4. Keep what you like

As you go over your notes, you’ll be drawn to some concepts more than others. These are the golden nuggets and can act as the foundation for rewiring your subconscious. Take what you like and either write ’em on a separate page or digitally store them somewhere. You’ll now be able to go back anytime and experience this again.

Step 5. Create affirmation lists

The list of great ideas above is for only one session but you’ll have many more. Take these subconscious flow sessions and combine them into a series of affirmations for yourself. Affirmations are the act of recycling words or phrases that provide emotional and mental support. This video is the backbone of my youth and shows a cheesy version of what I’m talking about.

You could have pages of notes or single words. For me, I have a series of ideas I like on various pages. My affirmation list starts with a fresh sheet of paper and then moves to a consolidation page with all the good notes I want.

Example of verses and words I’ve written down are:

– I’ll attract a giving, talented business partner who sees my vision

– Glowsoul will help 20 million people restructure their subconscious for positivity

– Love, Authenticity

Those are a few examples, but my affirmation page is full. I revisit them in the morning when I wake up and before I lay down for the night. This practice helps me remember these affirmations throughout my day and stay aware throughout all my interactions. Those interactions include both online and face to face.

Starting the day with positive self-affirmations builds a great armor against everyone who will affect you. Ending the day ensures good sleep with thoughts you know you want. This is how you intentionally rewire your subconscious.

It does take practice, which is why I do it morning and night. My results include growing my network on both LinkedIn and Twitter with other like minded individuals and my motivation stays high because I have a few ultimate goals I plan my day around.

Hopefully this rubric works for you. If you need help, I’d love to lend a hand! It’s part of my purpose to fuel your subconscious the way YOU want it. That way, you’ll succeed in the goals you’ve laid out for yourself.

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