Amber Faust Influencer 2020

So how was 2019? Was it the best year of your life? I mean over the top, you can’t want for more?  If you are like most people, you probably answered no. If you had the choice of spending the same 365 days and just surviving it or having the best year of your life, which would you choose? Of course you would choose the best year of your life! You know what you would prefer, you always get the same 365 days each year, so what is getting in the way and how do we get it out of there? 

First, let’s start with the question, how did you do on your Top 3 goals in 2019? 

Most people don’t even have a top one goal, let alone their top 3 goals. Well, let’s turn that around right now.  Let’s get some goals. Dream a little! 

This is not my method, this is a tried and true method that’s been around for ages.  I’m just summarizing it up and bringing it into our new decade 2020.  

Step 1:  (Spend 30 seconds on this)  Pick your number one goal in each of the following categories. Physical, Financial, and Relationship. REALLY, Do it now. You have 30 seconds and then write the goals down.

You did it!  In only 30 seconds. Can you believe it? Finally, you are starting your new year off with actual goals, dreams, hopes and targets that will make your 2020 the best year ever. How much better do you feel knowing you now have clear aspirations to go after? It kind of takes the stress out and allows you to get down to business. You know what you want, now let’s get you there with Steps 2 through 5. Remember, you have only 4 and a half minutes left.   

Step 2: Turn your Top 3 Goals into your Top 3 one year goals. If you can not complete your Top 3 Goals in one year, reduce them down to where you can complete them in one year. Make sure you don’t reduce them down to the point where they don’t inspire you, but just enough to make them one year goals.  

Step 3: Choose 3 friends to hold you accountable to your top 3 Goals, one person for each goal.  Write in on your paper.  

Step 4:  Get out a blank piece of paper. Choose one of the persons that will be holding you accountable. Write Dear <Friends Name> at the top of the paper. Followed by, I, <Your Name> promise to consistently make progress on <Their assigned goal> for the entire year of 2020 until it is achieved. I will give you monthly updates on my progress. Sign your name on the bottom. Do the same thing with your other 2 goals.   This step stops many people, but please adapt it to your situation. Are you away at college? Email your friends back home, or use social media and not real paper. This step is important, figure out a way to make it work with your life.

Step 5: Give those papers or send those Emails to the respective persons and post your goals in a location where you can review them daily. Update your new accountability buddies on your progress and look out 2020. 

Congratulations on completing this goal achieving method. I hope it only took you 5 minutes. By doing this quickly, it stops all of the second guessing. 

Achieving goals is good for your soul. Setting challenges and showing up to conquer them is good for your spirit.  I know you can do this. Good luck on your best year ever! 2020!