A friend messaged me the other day. “Can I ask you a manifesting question she wrote?” She continued. “What’s happening if I’m manifesting in one direction, but loosing it in another.”

I am often seen discussing setting intent and Law of Attraction with friends. Especially around language and core beliefs. I’m not an expert on Law of Attraction, but I have had some successes that have proven how successful it can be. The specifics of language and what you say, as well as core beliefs is what I discuss in my workshops and coaching. 

I bounced a message back to my friend, what are you saying? And then a moment later I sent a second message. What are you feeling in your body?

My friend and I have had so many conversations about this, that she immediately came up with the answer and knew that she had been framing her intent incorrectly. She had been asking for something new, which she was getting, but not keeping the old clients. Seems simple, but this is one of the things that has made the LOA successful for me. Being specific. My mother used to say, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ She was right. As with my friend, she wanted growth in her business, not just new business. 

The times the LOA hasn’t worked for me, is when I have had a conflicting belief or I was tentative about wanting what I was putting out. I didn’t understand this until I started to check in with my body. I don’t know what all of my core beliefs are! But by tuning into my body, I could feel the block or the fear. It’s then, that I started to understand, I was blocking myself from receiving.

These are the five steps I do to manifest what I want:

1. Set my intent. Be clear that’s what I really want. This isn’t about wishes, but being clear with the universe that I have this already. For example: I am in a wonderful relationships…. NOT I want a wonderful relationship. Feel the power in those words of I am, rather than I want, which to me feels wishy washy?

2. Write it down. Be clear. Be specific. Don’t tell the universe how it’s going to happen. Give the universe the outcome. Not a step by step direction. It will deliver in it’s own wonderful way.

3. Say what you are manifesting out loud and check in with your body. Can you feel any fear, or blocks? If there is, that’s ok. You’ll just need to keep working on these and set your intent again and again. 

4. Let it go. You can’t keep worrying about it. You have to let the universe provide. TRUST. If you’re looking for a new job, then start networking, talk to friends, meeting people, applying for jobs. If you feel yourself pushing to achieve the intent, then take a step back. It should feel natural, effortless. 

5. Gratitude. Thank the universe as if you already have this in your life.