What We Do, How We Feel, and How We Act Influences our Health

GoalThis writing exercise will help you to manage controlling things that are uncontrollable by re-imagining them. By shifting our approach to a positive one that offers control, we strengthen our immune system by empowering ourselves.

First: Write a line down your page separating “Things I can Control” and “Things I cannot Control” and start to list things under each column. Next to each response, Re-Imagine what you can do to make this point manageable and to take a positive action. Then visualize how you can be in control of your time. Write out what your goals are and what you would like to accomplish. For example, While I can’t control outside travel beyond my own home environment, I can control what I choose to do within my home environment by creatively reshaping how I choose to connect and communicate with others in person and via technology. My actions and behaviors towards others can be kind.

Second: Write out all of your Life Domains by listing all the different places where you would normally spend time such as work/school, social settings, commute, recreation, and home. Then write out How you can Alter these Spaces so that you are able to manage doing things you normally do from your home. For instance, I can spend time making my home environment special by decorating it more beautifully.

Third: Write out What you are Feeling and What you can do that is Positive to mitigate any anxieties you may be facing. Be honest with yourself.  It will help you to articulate what may be hard to put into words by writing these feelings down and placing them outside yourself so that they may be released. Then write out What makes you Laugh. Laughing is a big motivator for positive action. Don’t worry about whether or not your list is silly-it is unique to you and it is valid and special.  By finding what brings us joy, we can take comfort and pride in being who we really are.

Fourth: Consider all of your Wellness Dimensions, and take time for writing about them so that you can be more fulfilled. 

  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Intellectual
  • Vocational
  • Environmental

Fifth: Think about your Favorite Character from a novel you’ve read or a movie you’ve seen.  How is that character able to transform each of his/her/their life domains? See if you can Model your Character’s Positive Behaviors to readjust and transform your own thinking. Behavior modification can help us to become our best selves.

Consider: Write out a Reflection about your experience.  Reflection enhances self-awareness and motivates us to become more proactive for setting goals, and ultimately leads to better health:)