If you have a great idea, you can use several tools to make it a reality, find who is interested in it and make a great business. Currently, with new technologies, it is possible to contact whoever you want, no matter where you are. If your idea is good, do not hesitate to communicate it and give it the promotion it deserves.

If you do not know which way to go for your project to be successful, here we present these essential keys that successful inventors have followed and that will help you to promote your idea and communicate it effectively to companies and investors.

1. Protect your ideas, inventions or projects

Patenting your idea is the basic step, in which the inventor reserves his rights of application. It consists of a technical document that is submitted to the Patent Office, in most cases expert advice is required to correctly draft the application. Once your application is delivered, it is advisable to initiate promotional actions immediately to take advantage of the first year of international protection. Evaluate your commercial or communication options from the beginning that time runs against you.

2. Create models or prototypes of your inventions

It is the best way to sell an invention since the characteristics and functionalities of your invention, which were previously embodied in the paper can be proven in reality. The development of models or prototypes will allow you to make design corrections, plan production and control the correct operation of your invention. In general, it is recommended that small products have a prototype that allows for the understanding of the use and advantages of innovation.

3. Create a website for your invention

Once the prototype or 3D infographic is built, show it to the world! With a web page, you can present a commercial summary of your product in which there are different sections answering the fundamental questions: What is the purpose of your invention?, What are its functions ?, What are its characteristics? What are its advantages? And what do you offer to those who invest in it? Remember that it has to be a visual, coherent, orderly and practical web to be attractive and comfortable to visualize and read.

4. Promote your invention on social networks.

Social networks today have become one of the main means to publicize and communicate in a simple but effective way your invention idea. Create a page or profile on the most popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin and communicate your idea so that it reaches your future investors. Do not forget, that we are in a time of constant change and evolution especially in the virtual world, so being up-to-date in all trends and constantly updating social networks is a good way to keep pace with modern society.

5. Present your invention at national and international fairs.

Without a doubt, it is the simplest and fastest way to present your invention to companies and investors. Choosing the right trade show for your invention is very important because that is where you will make contacts and have business opportunities so sign up to participate in those that offer you better opportunities for your invention. Do not know how to choose the right fair for your invention? We recommend you to take into account the characteristics of the event, such as the companies that attend, how many professional visitors come each year, the ability to disseminate the innovations of the fair in the media, the quantity or quality of contacts you can make in the event and the level of acceptance and participation of large investors.