Building a strong backbone is crucial for entrepreneurial success. You can aspire to be a famous founder or long for the glamor of mainstream media mentions, but if you’re not prepared for the lows as well as the highs, your journey is going to be short.

I started my entrepreneurial journey while in high school. The summer of 1999 was a great learning experience for me when my friend and I started a small computer hardware and software repair business. We identified a strong need of repairing computers within our neighborhood, but the management side of the business — handling phone calls, meeting with customers and ordering supplies — became a logistical nightmare.

And if we did good, we were both deflated by an oppressive emotion. We concentrated further on why the company wasn’t doing as well as we had hoped and, more specifically, we were enraged when another rival arrived in town. We eventually recovered and carried on. I soon learned that the most successful entrepreneurs make a deliberate attempt to develop their internal strengths in tandem with their business growth. If you want to be an entrepreneur for the rest of your life, the five primary tips will help you become much more resilient:

Act instead of talking.

Recognize that just arguing about a problem can not solve it. Entrepreneurs who succeed aren’t afraid of failure. When you’re able to learn from your mistakes and change your perspective based on new information, you’ll find gold nuggets of wisdom and potential for progress.

Recognize the significance of your peer group.

This is extremely important. Taking a long, hard look at who you socialize with whether you want to become a successful entrepreneur or expand your business faster. Surround yourself with positive role models that exemplify the qualities you want to imitate. Always be aware of the impact of the people you follow on social media and the people you meet at conferences on your character.

Concentrate on the positive.

Make a concerted attempt to rely on the business’ achievements instead of giving in to the doubters. If you allow other people’s destructive energies to affect your choices, your entrepreneurial career will be short-lived. Make it your mission to disprove commonly held beliefs and provide insight into why your business is on the right path.

Recognize the transition is unavoidable.

Never assume that your entrepreneurial path will be free of obstacles. You’ll be in a great shape to cope with industry issues if you expect them. You don’t want to prepare for disaster, but you still don’t want to expect it to go smoothly.

Know that competitors are a positive thing.

Take notes from the rivals. Rather than relying on their impact on your company’s success, examine their behavior and look for organizational strategies you can implement in your own. Look for business insight hints in everything they do, from their social media campaigns to the consumers they court.You can look for companies that can help you elevate your business if you buy local citations services they offer.

You’ll be in a lot better spot than an entrepreneur who gives up after the first loss if you follow a “never say die” mentality and believe in your own abilities to overcome obstacles. Are you willing to change your mindset in order to be a more resilient entrepreneur?