Whether we are seeking our life’s purpose, needing more work-life balance or just wanting to create a more meaningful life there are strategies available to help us along the way. The following five strategies mirror the five chapters in my book, Inspired by the WOW Moments of Life.

First and foremost it is important to be present. “Being Present” is about being awake to all the wonders and subtle messages that life has for us. It is about living in the moment and taking note of what is happening now.

It is easy to get pulled back into the past or pushed into the future where we may experience thoughts and feelings that shut us down. Regret and resentment live in the past, while worry and anxiety linger in the future. In this moment, however, all is well.

We have the opportunity to feel joy in the present moment, no matter what our current situation. This is true. The present is a gift that we can unwrap every day. It is from this place that we are more likely to attract the answers we are seeking.

Secondly, as we strive to obtain a fuller life we are often called to let go of something less or something else. The concept of “Letting Go” includes both physical and nonphysical items. Our outside or physical world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of us.

Sometimes it is easier to begin with the physical items and work from the outside in. Cleaning out closets and drawers can be very symbolic of our willingness to let go of things that no longer fit the life we are creating for ourselves. In order to reach our desired outcome we must release certain habits, expectations and limiting beliefs.

The third strategy has to do with “Self-Care”. This one could easily go at the top of the list because of how important it is. While we may know what good self-care looks like, we often neglect it because we don’t realize how important it is to our well-being.

Self-care includes basic things such as getting enough sleep, eating foods that nourish our bodies, exercising and having time each day for prayer or meditation. Self-care also goes much deeper.

It’s about understanding who we really are and being true to ourselves even when it is inconvenient for others. It’s about setting boundaries and saying “no” to people and circumstances so that we can say “yes” to ourselves and our priorities.

It means working through the guilt that we may feel when we put ourselves first. It’s about knowing and understanding that self-care is not selfish and that we can only give to others, care for others and love others to the extent we do so for ourselves.

The fourth strategy is on “Staying Positive”. When positivity doesn’t come naturally, it can be very difficult to be positive with so much negativity around.

Staying positive includes surrounding ourselves with positive people when we can and learning techniques to use when we can’t. It’s about making positive choices with what we allow to enter into our minds through what we watch, read and listen to. It’s about recognizing that we are not our thoughts and that we can allow negative thoughts to pass through us rather than stay and define us.

The fifth and final strategy is the one that is intended to propel us closer to that which we are seeking. It is about “Moving Forward”. This strategy evokes action. When we are inspired with ideas, thoughts and “WOW Moments”, we are also being called to take action.

Our action does not need to be big. In fact, we are more likely to take it and really move forward if we choose a small action step. Sometimes we dismiss the small steps because they seem insignificant. Typically, however, small steps are precisely what lead us to what we want.

If you have been inspired by a thought, an idea or some words shared here today, act on it. You will be one step closer to living your life more fully and more on purpose.


  • Lucy Wellmaker

    Author - Speaker - Life Coach

    Lucy Wellmaker is a published author of her book, “Inspired by the WOW Moments of Life”. She is a Board Certified Coach and has been practicing as a Life Coach for over 14 years. She writes a weekly blog, called “My Weekly Wow” and conducts Small Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom. Lucy has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a graduate of the Institute of Life Coach Training, and has been trained by Gallup in StrengthsFinder. She is married with two children and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.