5 Successful Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Happy employees are super productive. Making small changes in your workplace culture can go a long way in uplifting your employees’ performance.

Around 70% of workers feel distracted on their job, while 60% view team meetings as interruptions. Lack of balance in work is the biggest reason for employee distraction.

Besides, more than 90% of workers feel they would be more productive if they work alone. Hence, personal space is a crucial factor in increasing employee performance.

Here are five best ways to keep your employees happy and productive:

Improve Workplace Environment

Workplace conditions play a crucial role in boosting the morale of employees.

Keep a working temperature between 20-23 degrees and ensure all your air conditioning systems or heating systems are working properly. Similarly, make sure all the laptops, furniture, and office lightings are in good working condition. These should not distract employees from their work.

Don’t overload your employees with work and reward them every week or month. Appreciation is a great way to elevate a sense of loyalty and keeps them motivated to achieve their goals.

Besides, you should also encourage teamwork as it improves communication and results in a better exchange of ideas.

Optimize Email Communication

An average working professional spends 28% of their time reading and answering emails.

Constant email notifications interrupt the work schedule and hamper productivity. Hence, it is best to set a time for email communication.

Sixty minutes of emailing activity every day is sufficient for everyone, and you can ask your employees to check and answer emails one hour before they leave for the day. Moreover, you can also make them write short emails that are easier to read.

Proper planning can help to optimize email communication and increase employee productivity.

Build a Workplace Fitness Culture

The average working hours are increasing, which adds a burden on the mental and physical health of the employees. Americans work for more than 40 hours a week. Therefore, to keep your workforce healthy and happy, it is essential to offer them an environment where they can learn how to have a stress free workplace.

You can hire a fitness trainer in your area with either ISSA or ACE certification since these organizations are considered credible in the fitness industry. 

Having a fitness trainer will help to keep the employees feeling better, both physically and mentally. They will be able to deal with stress and fatigue in a better manner. It will also break the monotony of work and allow them to interact with each other fostering teamwork.

A healthier lifestyle will keep the employees happy, leading to a productive work environment. Eventually, the employees will start to feel good about themselves, about the work they do, and about the company. This is a win-win situation for all.

Offer Flexible Work Options

Make it easier for employees to choose their work timings. There should not be one rule for all policy. You can also offer them two days a week work from home, depending on their roles and responsibilities.

When you offer flexible work options, employees save commute time, which adds to extra working hours leading to improved productivity. Offering remote work allows employees to spend time with their family, and this offers them mental peace.

When your employees remain mentally satisfied, they improve their concentration levels leading to quality work.

Allow Room For Growth

Workers remain motivated to work harder when they know there is room for growth. Ensure you have an employee hierarchy where every individual knows the next ladder to step in for growth.

Also, growth does not mean giving a fancy name for designation without a meager raise in salary and perks. Growth should always offer a good salary increase. After all, money is what keeps everyone growing.

Besides, it’s your responsibility to offer your employees proper training and support whenever needed. With adequate support and the motivation to take the next step for growth, your employees will always give their best and try to increase their skills.


Have a clear direction for business growth, and give your employees every opportunity to work, enjoy, and grow together as a family. Implement the above five ways to improve employee productivity and increase your profits. Remember, your employees should not feel like they are employees; they should feel like a family. When they feel like they are growing for their own company, the results are bound to be positive. Give your best effort to maintain a good workplace, and everything will fall into place.