Do you want to promote your company on Instagram, but do not know what works? All beginnings are difficult; before you become successful in promoting on Instagram you will first need to understand the possibilities and design of the platform and select perfect instadp for your company/business. What works well on other social media may not appeal to your Instagram audience. To help you on your way with Instagram promotion we give you 5 super tips! In this way you increase your chance of success.

1. Make it personal

Are you always going to promote your company, products or services on Instagram, then you will quickly fall through the basket. Users are not waiting for an excess of posts with a commercial approach. If you want to create engagement, then provide a personal touch.

For example, offers a ‘look into the kitchen’ by showing how it goes behind the scenes. Show how your products are manufactured or show your enthusiastic team in action. What is extremely important here: be authentic. Keep your expressions close to the core values ​​of your company and make sure that the content does not look too artificial.

2. Provide sufficient variation

When you are actively promoting Instagram on Instagram, it is tempting to always place the same kind of content. This can be out of convenience, or because you have found that a certain type of mail works well. Yet it is wise to ensure sufficient variety.

Therefore, continue to experiment with different types of content. Exchange photos with video material, show different aspects of your services or products and try different insertions in the area of ​​theme. Prevent predictability and monotony, allowing followers to eventually drop out.

3. Tell a story with Instagram Stories

In separate posts you can give a nice impression of your company, but sometimes you just need more space to be able to transfer this. Instagram Stories are perfect for a strong storytelling story. By adding multiple ‘slides’ you can show your message extensively.

The slides form small pieces of information, making it manageable for your Instagram followers. At the same time, all parts together form a nice round story. You can round off that story with a strong call-to-action, in which you stimulate further action or interaction. In this way promoting on Instagram gets a new dimension and you ensure the necessary variety in your content.

4. Build up followers

Strong content is essential for promoting on Instagram, but without sufficient followers your new strategy will have little effect. Make sure your account is public and add relevant popular hashtags to your posts. This way new potential followers can meet and discover your company.

You can also follow relevant pages and people yourself with your company. Respond to their messages and ensure valuable (and sincere) interactions. Do this well and you will see that you in turn get followers back who interact with your content again.

5. Increase your reach: advertise on Instagram

It is of course nice to take with you if you naturally get followers on Instagram. However, it will promote on Instagram with only these followers likely not yielding enough views and interactions. Especially Instagram company profiles are less often shown in the feed of users by the algorithm of Instagram. This is because Instagram prefers messages from friends and family.

How can you best increase your range? By getting started with advertising on Instagram . That does not only give you a wide range; it is also possible to reach a very relevant target group for your company. Instagram offers extensive options to specifically define your target group. This allows you to advertise very specifically and stimulate valuable actions and interactions.

Want to learn more about creating powerful ads on Instagram? Then follow our practical lesson Instagram advertising ! Discover the important functionalities and possibilities as we guide you step by step through the process. We will also tell you all about the different advert variations and explain how you can advertise on Instagram Stories!

With these tips we help you on your way to promote your company more successfully on Instagram. How are you going to promote Instagram now? And have you already considered whether Instagram fits well with the strategy for your company? To ensure that your online visibility really delivers the desired result, you can follow our online marketing course. In it you determine your objective and target group and in 20 practical lessons you learn everything about the 5 most important aspects of online marketing.