Many people believe that anything done online is a scam. Truth be told, online platforms are swarming with scammers and sometimes, outright thieves. It’s very common to find people who have lost their life’s savings through online scams. However, the same online platforms have been used by some people to earn large amounts of money.

Very many people graduate but getting jobs in their relevant fields has become an uphill task. Employment has become so elusive and it’s common to find people who have hunted for jobs their whole life in vain.

It’s important to appreciate the fact that wonderful online employers exist and offer legit online jobs for which they pay pretty well. The need to look for jobs online cannot be overemphasized if the frustrating situations that come with joblessness are to be arrested successfully.

To work online you only require a computer, reliable internet connection, and doing some very simple tests. Just sign in to sites like Upwork, GoTranscript, Fiverr,, Rev, Speech Pad etcetera, and jobs will be waiting for you. Below are some superb ways of working online for financial freedom.

1. Article Writing

A large number of people have discovered how vital article writing is when it comes to campaigns on Search Engine Marketing (SEM). However, not everyone can create articles that people want to actually read.

In this spirit, the youth are advised to seize this opportunity and learn to write content that captures the reader’s imagination. Luckily, even if you do not have good writing skills, you can learn. Google and YouTube are full of free tutorials and other lessons.

Also, you could find a good trainer who will train you on any of your preferred area at a small fee. Sign up to legitimate sites highlighted above that offer online job opportunities. You could also cold pitch and get direct clients who pay much better than content mills where they deduct a commission from your earnings.

2. Transcription

This is the process of listening to a recorded file and converting spoken words or videos into a written text document. This is a service often used by businessmen, medical, and legal practitioners. If you are a good listener who can decipher spoken words from different accents and type at a reasonable speed, you are good to go.

3. Blogging is One of the Most Superb Ways of Working Online for Financial Freedom

Weblog, shortened as a blog, is basically an online journal. Initially, Bloggers used to make entries that expressed their opinions, and stories or pictures but currently, it has evolved into something more intensive due to the rising need for online marketing.

Blogging is a process that takes time to make money and it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if done correctly and persistently, it can create good passive income for the Blogger. Try blogging and it might prove to be one of the best moves you ever made.

4. Copywriting

This is the process of writing promotional content such as brochures, billboards, and emails, with the aim of advertising. A Copywriter is expected to come up with content that is so captivating such that it persuades the readers to act. Copywriting is done for purposes of marketing and boosting the sales of the products involved.

5. E-Book Writing

An E-book is a digital copy of a printed book. It can be read on a computer or other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets. You can put your ideas in writing as long as they help the reader in a certain way. Readers will buy your E-book if it offers solutions to problems they are experiencing.

Publishing an E-book is cheaper compared to making a printed copy, and it’s durable considering it’s not prone to wear and tear that comes with paperwork.

Bottom Line

Finding office work has become harder and waiting for these jobs may prove to be the longest wait you’ve ever had. The above tips are some of the most superb ways of working online for financial freedom.

The good thing is that you can do article writing, transcription, blogging, copywriting or writing E-books as you wait for that job you’ve always wanted. Also, you can work online as a side hustle even after getting a job. The truth is that during these hard economic times, an extra coin will always be welcome.

The trick is to start now because who knows? You may even discover this is what you enjoy doing full time and join the growing list of successful online workers all over the world. The Internet has made the world a global village where it’s now very easy to work for an employer who is a total stranger and living in a different country or continent.

To beat the current wave of joblessness, world leaders should support, and put in place mechanisms that protect online workers. Empowering people financially will definitely make the world a better place. Besides, it’s quite thrilling to be your own boss.