In this world, no one is free from conflicts; it may be external or internal. Managing external conflict is a much easier task than the inner one. You can easily ignore the person who is bothering you or force to do something. But, when it comes to fighting with yourself, then it becomes severe.

Those who do not have an idea what is inner conflict, then let us explain it first. 

What Is Inner-Conflict? 

It is a struggle that occurs in someone’s mind choosing between two things. Or, fight with the problems that exist within you.

For instance, 

Someone who wants to quit smoking suffering from two problems. First, his/her mind will resist the quitting, where the person himself wants to leave it. In such a scenario, inner conflicts happen. 

But wait! It is not a kind of disease. Every person is suffering from some inner conflict. You must have heard yourself saying that “I want to lose weight”, “Why Am I fail to save money”, “what resist me to express my feeling” and many more such question. 

These are nothing but the conflict that is creating two different worlds within you. You might be thinking that it must have some adverse effects too. Let’s discuss the harmful effects of it. 

Negative Side of Inner Conflict 

We have discussed that inner clashes are frequent these days. But, it creates many problems when it gets unsolved. It occurs at the psychological part the most and introduces issues, such as:

  • A sense of injustice 
  • Dissatisfaction 
  • Develop the jealousy and greedy character

These symptoms are not recognized in time, and then it can bring psychological destruction. The worst part is that it can remain for the long term. We have shared some ways through you can get rid of it fast. 

Tips To Free Yourself from Internal-Conflicts 

Fights between thoughts are common, and it happens from time to time. But, follow these steps so that you can avoid it to stay for a long time. 

  • Do Not Close With Something That Not Exists 

Many times people fail to detect what is real and fake. It is an apparent reason that leads the individual to face clashes. 

It is scientifically proven that people only see 40% reality. If someone wants to lose weight and see himself as a fatty person, then you are far away from the real thing. Do not feel inferior about the body shape, if you want to lose it, and then go for it. 

  • Do Not Affect Yourself From Outside

See, he is living a luxurious life, and have everything from a car to an expensive house. Why don’t I have all these? 

These are the standard lines you have heard from many people. It may seem reasonable, but somewhere in mind, it is inviting the conflicts. When you feel envy for someone, then you are ruining your mental psychology.

To avoid such situations, stop the comparison. And if you want to achieve it, then do work hard. 

  • Do Small Activities 

Your mind gets strong only when you work on it. It is found that these types of negative thoughts come when people feel low. Whenever you are alone, do something that you like. It could be anything from playing the guitar to listening to music. 


You can perform small activities that can help you to calm your mind, like:

  • Deep Breathing 
  • Reading books 
  • Meditation 

Performing these small activities can aid you to get relief from inner conflict. 

  • Consult the psychologist

 There are several types of inner conflict, and it may be:

  • Moral Conflict 
  • Physical Fight 
  • Love Conflict 
  • Existential conflict 
  • Social Conflict 

You can see there are various subcategories in internal conflicts. If you are not able to find out which one you are facing, then consulting doctor or experts could be the right choice. 

  • Do Your Work And Leave The Rest 

 The underlying stress comes when people fail to manage their money life. 

For example, one family took bad credit loans online with an instant decision in case medical emergency. But, they are not able to repay the loans with interest because of the low-income source. 

In such cases, instead of anxious about the payment, find ways to pay them off fast. There are several part-time jobs available through which you can easily earn additional money. Still, it needs extra efforts and hard work, but if you run from it, then you may find yourself in troubles. 

These are the top five methods through which you can solve the internal conflict. It needs daily practice because here, you have to fight with yourself, which is not an easy task. Once, you stick to your commitment, and then you can get a win over the inner thought fight.