woman entrepreneur with laptop

I completed the flight booking and emailed the Rome itinerary to my client. Yet another corporate client jetting off to Italy and staying in an opulent, city centre hotel. As I headed over to the tiny, office kitchen to make a coffee in my palm tree mug, I wondered if I would ever have the freedom to go on such exciting trips or if my entire working life was destined to be spent watching other people go after their dreams.

As global lockdown eases and more and more companies open their doors, you may be experiencing similar feelings and wishing that you had more choice in your life and in your next steps. 

Here are five surefire signs that it’s time to go big with that business idea you’ve been daydreaming about for so long- 

1) You feel a sense of dread as the time to go back to your 9-5 corporate job draws closer

So many people truly love their job and can’t wait to go back to their corporate role when lockdown ends. Life as an employee is absolutely perfect for them and they’re more than happy with their life. Also, I’m sure you’ll agree that we will be eternally grateful to the key workers who worked non-stop to protect us throughout this pandemic.

However, we live in a world full of choices and working for someone else doesn’t have to feel like the best fit for you. You don’t have to agree with the lifestyle of your family and friends even though you completely love and adore them… no-one else can truly understand what you feel inside your heart.

2) You have a vision that keeps you awake at night

Do you have a business idea that keeps popping up in your head and just won’t go away? Maybe you find yourself constantly daydreaming about transforming that idea into reality and finally achieving complete financial independence.

Your desires are yours for a reason. Instead of thinking of them as lovely dreams, think of them as your blueprint to success.

Remember to follow the butterflies instead of letting fear take the driver’s seat!

3) You feel jealous when you see other people living out their dreams 

The online world has opened up a world of opportunity for us but it has also created the perfect portal for comparison. When you see other people brave enough to live out their dreams, it’s human nature to sometimes feel a twinge of jealousy. This envy can actually come in very handy as a way of showing what’s possible for you! After all, if someone else has created that life for themselves, there’s no reason why you can’t.

Step away from social media for a while and start taking actions to make those dreams come true for yourself instead.

4) You have knowledge to share

We’ve all had a unique journey in this world and that means, without a doubt, that you have knowledge and skills to share that could help others going through similar situations. What advice do you often find yourself offering to friends and family? 

You don’t have to be a certified expert to help another individual who is struggling with a problem or transition you’ve already experienced…. you just need to be willing to help.

5) You want to contribute to the current conversations taking place in the world

Do you ever read articles online or conversations taking place on social media and feel like you have something to add? Your voice is unique and it is so important that diverse perspectives are heard in order for others to make informed choices.

Rather than venting your opinion in the comment section of other people’s posts or sitting silently at home feeling frustrated about the many words left unspoken, formulate your own content and start taking a stand.

Do any of these signs feel familiar to you?

If they do then it may be time to recognise that it’s okay to be different from the people you grew up with and the co-workers who want to work for someone else until they retire…..it’s okay to start consciously designing a life and business that you’re absolutely obsessed with!

Over ten years ago, I decided to finally take the leap out of that tiny, corporate office into the exciting (but scary!) world of entrepreneurship and I can guarantee that it’s worth it.

Current quarantine rules may mean that I’m currently working from my sunny UK garden and not jetting off anywhere for the foreseeable future but I feel free and I have unlimited choices.

I’m making that little girl with big dreams inside of me proud……and that means the world to me.