I used to think that I could successfully multitask without getting to the point of mental or emotional exhaustion. From managing my business, consulting for different clients, and running a household of super active children, I couldn’t handle it anymore. 

To make sure I still had a grasp of my sanity, I spend hours researching a burnout remedy. I love my work, but it’s hard to ignore being overwhelmed after spending sleepless nights drafting a suitable business plan.

If you’re experiencing burnout syndrome, I want to help you with practical solutions that will do wonders for your situation. I’m talking about simple, yet effective tactics that will give you actual results. 

1.    Take breaks during the day

I’ve tried to be productive at work by continuously toiling away without taking a break. Instead of getting results, I ended up blankly staring at my computer screen for hours. My mind was exhaustive and ultimately refused to function.

Non-stop performance is detrimental to your productivity. Now, instead of working for long hours, I give myself short breaks where I can unwind and let my mind wander. Learn to take downtime at work; you can go for a walk, read a book, or take a power nap. 

2.    Listen to music

Music is medicine for the soul. I listen to my favorite tunes every single time I get a hint of stress coming my way. I don’t know what music you like, but you should listen to it more often.

By listening to music, you experience a beautiful relaxing effect that lowers your stress hormones. It helps create harmony between your body and mind. If you’re at work, you can use your earphones whenever you feel an overwhelming cloud of distress.

3.    Bring out the vape pen

Hands up if you are a vapor! If you are not, I don’t want you to join us and sorry I wont explain why!

Vaping is one way I relax. It feels so nice to inhale a sweet scent from premium Long White Vapour Juice flavors.

The scent relaxes your mind and gives you tranquility.

As long as you are not inconveniencing anyone at work, or if you are, go outside and vape that pen and come back refreshed.

4.    Watch a good movie

I have a stack of movies I watch anytime I feel burned out. I’m strategic about any entertainment that takes me away from my desk. If I’ll be sitting on my couch with a bowl of freshly cooked popcorns, then it has to be a fantastic film.

A movie is one of the best escapist entertainment that allows you to forget your troubles by having a few hours of mental peace. There are wonderful films that can relieve you of your stress. You can go for classic productions or comedy. 

To make it enjoyable, you can round up a couple of your friends and turn into a fun group activity. 

5.    It’s time to exercise

Since I don’t have a gym membership, I’ve learned how to work out from the comfort of my home. With my tight schedule, it’s impossible for me to make it to the gym.

For twenty minutes every day, I do burpees, high jumps, and bodyweight squats. Exercising is a great way to keep healthy and reduces stress. 

If you’re starting, don’t push yourself hard with vigorous routines. You have to allow your body to adapt to the new changes. No matter what you do, make sure you’re having fun. 

Parting shot

You’re not a robot, so stop treating your body as if you’re running on rechargeable batteries. Take time off your desk and engage in something relaxing. With time, you’ll notice a massive difference in how your body responds to stress.

Qn: What do you do to kick burnout?




    Sarah Muwombi is a freelance writer that believes that productivity stems from good looks from inside out. She treats her skin with the sticky waters of aloe vera and washes her hair with rice water and has no doubt that her beauty routines are the reason she writes impact driven articles every day. When she's not writing, Sarah enjoys immersing in nature with her super genius daughter-Emily