instagram influencer Amber Faust 2020

Being an influencer is a real job option today.  Free travel, fun events, and paychecks make the influencer world enticing.   In fact a new study shows that more kids want to become influencers when they grow up than astronauts. I’m entirely grateful for what influencing has done for my family.  But before you jump into the world of influencers, I have a few tips!  

  1.  Be careful what you show to the world.  It’s out there, you won’t be able to delete any posts.  Screenshots happen. If you need to write something that you don’t want to live on the internet forever, grab a pen and notebook.  
  2. Free things are not always free.   I was ecstatic when companies first started asking to send me free products, but the constant posts and work involved with the products would have made it cheaper to purchase.
  3. Being authentic is the key to this business.  Yes you will see influencers kicking butt and wish you could be more bubbly or funny like them, but people will love you for just being yourself. Trying to act like someone else will hurt you in the end.
  4. People IRL (in real life)  will not understand or even respect what you do. It’s okay that not everyone gets it.  This is a real job and you are providing a real service. Think of your social media as a billboard.  Explain it to people who don’t understand it as a billboard. Thousands of eyes see that billboard daily, then eventually they may want what’s on that billboard.  It’s basic marketing just for the year 2020.    
  5. Growing a following is hard work. It’s only gotten harder on Instagram.  You will need to invest some major time and energy in creating a community.  

For those of you hoping to transform your Instagram Account into a career I wish you luck!   It’s fun and rewarding, but it’s also work.