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For what are you willing to re-arrange your schedule, budget, and comfort? The newest iPhone? Your favorite celebrity? A sick family member? You favorite team going to the national championship?

You have probably seen others do it:

Camp outside for hours to purchase the newest iPhone or see the latest blockbuster movie.

Spend several hundreds or thousands of dollars to see a sports team play at a championship game, that they may ultimately lose.

Become a borderline “stalker” to connect with a celebrity.

Some may call such people “CRA- to the ZY”. But as a coach, I understand something. These people will do anything for their priorities. ANYTHING.

Will you?

As a real estate coach, I am honored with the opportunity to connect with thousands of people across the globe. From many of them I hear exclaimed, “I want to close 50+ deals this year and I will do what it takes to make it happen!”

But when I look at their lives, I see:

No consistent plan for lead generation

Months without them learning anything new

Follow-up being relegated to once or twice

No tenacity if a prospect is not ready or responsive today

Complaints about how far they have to drive for a client, class, or other business growth opportunity

Appointments with clients, vendors, and coaches/mentors missed

Inconsistent and sporadic use of technology

Not getting prepared to meet with a prospect until something is actually scheduled

Saying “I have a goal of this”, “My new year’s resolution is this”, “I expect to do this” is great. We do indeed have to start most journeys with an affirmation but our actions speak louder than words.

Here’s what we should learn from fanatics:

1. Plan like a “Maniac” — The best superfans plan their fanaticism so they don’t lose jobs and alienate family or friends.

A. How does your schedule need to change to be consistently effective at lead generation, follow-up and transaction management?

B. What distractions need to be eliminated, given away, or postponed?

2. “Stalk” the News — Don’t you dare quiz fanatics on their prized possession because you know they know every detail, no matter how useless.

A. Do you know anything and everything concerning your goals?

B. Do you know where the latest classes are and what designations are key to have?

C. Do you know what your broker and other industry leaders project as trends to watch?

D. Do you have Google alerts set up for the keywords of your business and market?

3. Get Coverage — Since fanatics are “in the know”, the release date is no surprise to them and they get help to keep their responsibilities and commitments.

A. Who can help you handle your other responsibilities while you “go all in”?

B. In what automation should you invest?

C. Are there any commitments that you need to forego and give proper notice to resign?

4. Show-up Early and ReadyNotice superfans arrive before they anticipate others showing up and they bring tents, coolers, lawn chairs, and whatever else needed to arrive early and stay late.

A. Will you be the “early bird that gets the worm” by not waiting until something is in front of you to prepare for it?

B. For example, how will you prepare for your next listing appointment before you have it? This may mean role-playing A LOT, get a second set of eyes on your listing packet, or hiring someone to add pizazz to your presentation.

5. Don’t Go Home Until You’ve Got It –– I have seen true fanatics barter and form alliances with people in front of them in the line to make sure they leave with what they came to get.

A. What will be your strategy to follow-up with your leads, sphere of influence, and past clients? Following up once or twice means you will not have very much business on a consistent basis. Get off the sales roller-coaster!

B. How often will you evaluate what you are doing to focus on your strengthens and giveaway/outsource your weaknesses?

C. Who will be your “sounding board” to help you stay on track?

D. Do you need to start forming more alliances (with vendors, contractors, other RE pros, and mentors) to get more deals closed?

Whether you are reading this at the start of a new year or not, make today the day you will “go all in” and become fanatical about your stated priorities. Just like the person that will not let anything stop them from getting the newest iPhone the day of release, make this the year that you will let nothing stop you!

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