Table of Contents:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Get one with nature

3.0 You can still keep yourself fit

4.0 Mental health is as important as physical health

5.0 Modest adventure is no harm

6.0 Identify your hobbies

7.0 Conclusion


2020 has been very unfair so far with such a dreadful pandemic. The result is we all are trapped in our homes. The importance of freedom is so apparent now. Those days when shopping in the malls and eating out in the restaurants’ experience was so significant seems blurring now. Travelling has become limited to our bedrooms and kitchens. Jobs that used to keep us frenzied all day have turned into work from home sagas where work is not actually that you normally do in the workplace. Quarantine has made us stagnant and indolent and also obese because of the unhealthy eating, sitting on the couch and watching Netflix the whole time and obviously not working out.

But this should not stop us from having a close connection with nature. Circumstances have changed, but not nature’s beauty. We cannot socialize anymore but we can still have a conversation with nature.

Things that we can and should do other than indulging in senseless content across social media:

Get one with nature

Once in a while try to wake up early, listen to the birds humming and the raindrops falling on the ground, or even pure silence in this matter. Try to look and appreciate the beauty that nature offers in the form of trees, blooming flowers, squally clouds, or even the animals and birds that grab our attention. Getting one with nature and staying away from the hustle-bustle of social media is indeed a way of relaxing one’s own mind which is full of strain and stress due to the current situation.

You can still keep yourself fit

Alright, the gyms are closed and so are other fitness centers; but that should not stop you from staying fit and healthy. You can still take long walks (obviously keeping in mind the social distancing thing), do some stretch exercises at home and practice some yoga postures. The postures need not be very undoable, but something that you can do consistently to begin with or even if it’s a basic Surya Namaskar. Yoga helps in retaining the fitness life that you have lost and maintain a healthy body with balance, attentiveness and dedication. Yoga helps an individual to empower oneself through concentration, focus and perseverance. The postures act like a rigorous activity for the body thereby training your body as well as your mind.

Always start it with something simple and gradually escalate yourself to a higher and more difficult posture. This is how yoga is done, rebuilding yourself step by step.

You can also walk on a treadmill if you own one at home, but as the quarantine situation is going on and one can’t go out, walking outside with nature is the best way to free oneself from boredom and solitude along with the good physical activity.

Mental health is as important as physical health

Fitness is a way of life but with good mental health, the way of life goes astray. Meditation has been a great source of activity to keep one’s mental health balanced, especially in this state of quarantine. Human beings are very fragile when it comes to their thoughts. Constant loneliness and no freedom lead them to the path of depression and self-anxiety. Hence, it is very important for one to keep the mind upright and think positive in this situation.

Meditation has always been there for hundreds and thousands of years where people have been getting engaged with their spiritual selves and going beyond the worldly miseries and tribulations. That is the highest level of Moksha that a person can attain. But as a beginner, we can still get in touch with our inner selves, do some self-thinking and self-reflecting and try to be more peaceful and calm. It is believed that meditation has treated a lot of people who have been suffering from anger management issues, depression or any mental health issues. Meditation is supposed to calm a person’s mind and make him feel confident, constructive and clear about one’s own self and also the situation around him.

Modest adventure is no harm

Who said you can’t go out and do something you always wanted to do but never got any time for it?  Take your bikes and helmets and go for a bike ride. Riding a bike amidst nature is the best form of exercise. If you stay near the mountains, hiking is something that you could do and if you have a pool in your home or nearby, swimming is the best form of exercise. But always keep in mind the social distancing concept and don’t go to places that are overcrowded, busy, or where you feel at risk.

Identify your hobbies

Staying indoors too there is a lot of activities that you can indulge in to keep yourself busy and to identify what you like or what you always wanted to do. It could be anything that you like, for e.g. baking, painting, writing, dancing, or even reading books. Hobbies are so underrated today due to our demanding schedules and hectic lives with so many responsibilities. Doing something that you love once in a while is always good to cheer you up and make you feel exceptionally content. And what better time than the quarantine time when you are actually at home and nothing much to do apart from household chores, laundry, or childcare.

Hobbies could be renewed, refreshed and reformed and you could be better and better if you give more time to something that you really love. After all, creativity is the best thing to alleviate the frame of mind. So grab your paintbrushes and start making a painting that was always in your mind. Start expressing yourself through writing that you would love to read and share with others. Turn on the music and start grooving. Bake something for your family in this tough time. Turn your quarantine into something valuable that you and your family could cherish and also keeps you engaged for the time being.


Set yourself with the rhythm of nature and your inner self and quarantine would feel so much better. This might be a blessing in disguise and we need to accept the reality and embrace the situation the way it is. We cannot change the situation, but what we can change is how the situation can make our lives less lonely and unproductive and more fruitful and imaginative.  Life is challenging for sure but here we are sitting in our homes with everything on the platter, while there are thousands out there with no basic necessities waiting for everything to open so that they can work and earn their daily bread.