5 things that YOU can learn from Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor. (It’s not what you would think!)

I have practiced martial arts for a lot of my life (10 years plus, easily) and I find it to be very rewarding and beneficial other than just a good work out. This is what most people don’t tell you about this sport and even more so about these two game changers. There is much more than meets the eye!


These two hyper-celebrities are doing far more than you would think aside from being two of the best fighters in the world alive to day they have been able to get EVERYONE attention, even yours. Many of you either hate them or love them, hell some of you probably wish they both could lose (I am kinda in that boat.) The real question is why? Is it because they are show-boasters? Is it due to the fact that they both say A LOT of disrespectful things? Or just maybe is it because they are doing what others haven’t been able to do, collide people who don’t even watch nor care for UFC and or boxing to be interested in them.

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Now, many of you are probably thinking what does this have to do with personal development, spirituality, and becoming our best selves. Even more, you are probably thinking what in God’s green earth can we learn from two fighters many to believe to egotistical. Well, much more than you would think and since we are on the subject let’s start off with how they have been getting so much attention and how you can do the same!

The 5 things that we can learn from these two iconic men.

1. Attracting people outside of their niche. (Attention.)

This is probably one of the biggest ones on the list solely due to the fact that we live in a world where human connection plays a huge role on how successful we will become (Within reason.) Many of you have probably heard of the old saying, “your network equals your net worth”. If you follow my digital marketing blog I talk a lot about how having the best product, service, or just you as a whole (in this case) won’t mean much if no one knows about it/you. It is a lot like having water in a desert but no one is able to find out about it. It is amazing but not very helpful to others but yourself. This is why marketing so powerful.

This is the first lesson to be learned from these two. Like them or not they have been able to market themselves to unlikely people and even more impressive than that they have turned these candidates into their marketing teams (good or bad exposure is exposure.)

The best way for YOU to replicate this is to build a personal brand that will speak for you (everything that you know about them is due to their marketing but more importantly their brand.) Whatever route we are on in life this is a key skill to have in our arsenal

In short; Market and brand yourself in a way that you stand out from the rest and make people want to talk about you (The best PR is free ones.)


2. Be authentic. (Be yourself.)

The next big thing that they do (despite over exaggerating their brand to gather awareness) is being themselves. They are doing what they love to do every second of the day. Whether it is training, fighting, trash talking, buying nice things, and etc they are being who they are and making sure the world knows about it. This is one of the most crucial things that we can do.

We will never be the next Mcgregor, Zuckerberg, Einstein, and or anyone else for that matter. If we try to be them we are really just limiting ourselves and our potential. We can become “better” than those people because we are able to learn from them now. It is up to us to be our best that we can be and not let others change who we are. We can do so much more than we know as long as we stay true to who we are and strive to be better than ourselves ten years from now.

In short; Be yourself no matter what because everyone else is already taken. Confidence is key.
You are here for a reason.

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Also even more in my youtube video; What you can learn from being authentic


3. Finding peace of mind. (Spirituality.)

Many people do not know this about this sport but it has a lot to do with being spiritual. Martial arts is much more than throwing blows, beating your opponent’s and practicing your left jab (Trust me, if I didn’t do martial arts I don’t think I would be half the man I am today. I especially wouldn’t be as spiritual as I am now.) People who engage in this sport know that this is more of a life style and a way of life. Constant inner dwelling and self-reflection to be able to gain the upper hand on our emotions and our minds.

I am sure like most of you just like myself have a huge admiration for Bruce Lee and his famous saying “be like water”. Training in this fashion is really similar to meditation and more often has the same benefits. Both of these icons practice meditation outside of the gym and before their bouts to clear their heads and enter that “zone” what many contenders call “the flow state”.

If you don’t get anything else from this blog/article I want to stress how powerful it is to have a good understanding of ourselves and how important meditation can be in our lives (In many forms besides sitting in a lotus position and perfecting our breaths.) It only takes ten minutes a day to reap the rewards from clearing our minds and finding our zen.

In short; Meditation and discover your spiritualities.


4. Have a positive mindset. (Be optimistic.)

This is a really big one that we can gather and apply to our own lives from these two. They are able to show so much optimism coursing through them that most people think they have the biggest egos on the planet. In a world where there is so much negativity we have to be the ones to believe in ourselves more than anyone else will (it is no one else’s “job” but ours.) They may get beat in a fight, knocked down, or even have death threats and boos from the crowd but they still show up and “claim” to be the greatest.

It is such an effective skill for us to have in our own lives as well. If something goes wrong we have to take full ownership and responsibility for it. We have to be able to see the bright side of everything and look at it as an opportunity to grow and become better. Having a positive outlook on life is one of the biggest things that will ensure that we will have a happier life. It is a lot like the re-trending philosophy of being stoic (stoicism.)

We can either say woe is me and give in and give up or we can say TRY ME!

If I would have given up every time things got tough I wouldn’t have published my first book Perfectly Perfect, I wouldn’t have started businesses, helped over 1,000’s of people, I wouldn’t have overcome my lead poisoning I had as a child and been able to turn that into a strength, keep a 4.0 GPA in college when balancing out life, I wouldn’t have been able to stay strong and keep going when I was homeless off and on from age 12-18. Lastly, I wouldn’t be who I am now.
“The ultimate measure of a person is not where he/she stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he/she stands at times of challenge and controversy.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

In short; Always try to find the good in whatever is going on in life. Be so positive others becomes amped up just from seeing you. Let your energy be contagious.


5. Train harder than everyone else. (Make your own luck.)

Lastly, the best for last! This is by far the greatest take away that we can obtain from these two phenomena’s. They didn’t just get “lucky” and was able to put together some of this magnitude without putting in the work for it. Just like them, we have to have an intense work ethic and strive to be our very best and push ourselves to be that because no one else will really be able to but the person in the mirror. We often lose track and or distracted with the outsides attractions to see all of the work that it takes and goes into building that performance from behind the scenes.

For us to truly be at a level as big as these men and many other people and women in the world we have to put in the work, the long hours, and the grind. There are no real short cuts and if we do manage to find one we are only cheating ourselves by taking them. The best way to turn everything into gold that we touch is by doing much more than what is expected of us (behind the scenes and in the “set”.)

It is a lot like the 10,000-hour rule/theory that Malcolm Gladwell stated although there is a lot of other people who beg to differ this like Josh K TedTalks (Learn anything in 20 hours.)

Screen shot 2011-08-09 at 12.18.42 PM

Yet, there is a lot of truth to this we may not need that many hours to be the best or even great, ever hour sets us that much closer. I often view it as this “work when they sleep, train when they party, and act like they are trying to take your “job” from you.

In short; We get back what we put in. We must create our own “luck” because in life more times than not, there are no handouts.
Work harder than the rest and you will be better if not better than the “best”.



There is a lot more that comes to play than what the media lets on and what we see.
We must be able to market ourselves in a way that we stand out but at the same time remain true to who we are & stay authentic. As well as stay connected to who we are at the core and find our peace through meditation and activities that help us stay in our zone. Also, we have to so optimistic that we others yearn for our energy and become pumped up just by seeing us, we have to be positive and have a great out look on the world around us. Lastly, we have to put in the work and be willing to do what others won’t do now to have what others may not have later.

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Let me know what you think. What would you add to this and do you find this to be true? Also, can’t help but ask this, who do YOU think will win the fight on August 26th, 2017?! Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather? (My bet is on Mayweather at least for boxing. In a UFC fight, McGregor hands down! (No pun intended).)

As always.

We are all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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