If you’ve been trying to create and run a business all on your own, any discouragement can easily knock you off your feet and make you question whether you should be giving up on your business, making you wonder if you dream will ever become a reality.

If you’re feeling this fear in your business, know that you are not alone. I have felt your pain and so have thousands of other now successful entrepreneurs.

The good news is you are taking a step in the right direction by just acknowledging your struggle!

Here are my top 5 tips that will help you get up when you feel like giving up.

1. Reconnect to your “WHY”

I’ve often found that people want to quit or give up their businesses when they aren’t making enough money. Of course money is important but sometimes we need to go back to basics and really remember what made you start the business in the first place. A business won’t survive long if you’re just in it for the money. Yes, it must make money in order to thrive as a business, but there must be a greater meaning that drives you in your business.

2. Connect with like-minded people

It’s know how hard it is to motivate yourself to engage with new people when you’re in the midst of massive anxiety and frustration. Get your hair done and put your best dress on and make the decision to get out of solitary confinement and not operate your business like an island.

There is plenty you can do to meet like minded entrepreneurs but here a couple to start of with:

  • Look for a mastermind group or an advisory group where you get together on a regular basis with like minded entrepreneurs to work ON your business.
  • Join a local networking group where you can build relationships with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

3. Shift your focus from seeing PROBLEMS to seeing OPPORTUNITIES

If you keep focusing on your problems then all you’ll get from that is anxiety, worry and frustration. The best way to shift your focus on the problems is to think of your opportunities. We forget but a little bit of positive thinking can go a long way! Think of all the amazing opportunities you’ll have if you just keep pushing forward.

4. Expect the struggle

Challenges are a part of life and as you know, it’s also a part of growing and maintaining your business! It can be so demoralising when we’re exposed to so many “overnight” success stories on social media, it’s no wonder how any normal person might feel like a failure if you are going through a rough patch in your business.

Life is not easy, right?

Did you expect growing a business would be easy? No, of course not!

The challenges will take you by surprise.  Don’t let obstacles knock the wind out of you and make you dwell on the negative. Try to distance yourself from the far fetched success stories, do a digital detox if you have to! Remember that hard work and determination will get you to where you want to be – it just takes time.

5. Evaluate your action plan

If you are still feeling like you want to give up on your business then try and take a step back to evaluate what’s going wrong. Maybe you’re doing much yourself and the strenuous workload is wearing you out? – the solution would be to look into outsourcing and delegating tasks to others so you can focus on doing what you love!

Maybe you haven’t been keeping to your plan? – then you should look at why your plan isn’t working for you. Is it actually achievable or have you been too idealistic? Maybe it’s too easy and you’re not pushing yourself hard enough? Have you given yourself deadlines and time limits to work towards? These are all things that can be changed to make you fall back in love with your business.  

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Linda x


  • Linda was a Expert Business Coach & Entrepreneurial Mindset Mentor. She built a great reputation as a business turnaround expert and has been privileged to work with some amazing people and businesses. Professionally qualified and passionate about supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to have the business and life they love. Successfully manoeuvred through 3 recessions – with the experience and scars to prove it! Hugely credible with significant experience spanning 30+ years with a proven track record of doubling, trebling + business turnover fast and always gets results! Now choosing to take life a bit slower, and focus on a small number of great businesses owners and individuals she coaches on business turnaround, performance mindset coaching encouraging her clients to dramatically improve their effectiveness, their efficiency, turnover, embrace change, learn the tools to be more resilient and to lead the lives and develop the businesses they desire. Her personal website is www.lindacheeseright.co.uk