The global coronavirus pandemic is changing the way employees across the globe interact with each other and take care of their health. As leaders of these organizations, it is an important responsibility to make their wellbeing a priority.

The best way to create positive change in this new working environment is to put in place some simple measures to ensure their wellbeing is taken care of. Going from a daily commute and office environment to an every day home life can be anxiety-inducing. The first days might seem exciting and new but overtime this change is a drastic one and it’s important to set new ways of functioning as a company early on! 

The good news? Here are five simple and affordable ways you can set this up for your employees. 

1. Daily checkins
Use platforms like Zoom to organize a daily video check-in with your teams. As little as 10 minutes to see each other’s faces, can go a long way! You can have a theme a day. Sharing immune boosting recipes, favorite motivational song, the list goes on!

2. Virtual exercise challenges
Use tools like atlasGO to organize virtual employee engagement challenges. You can all record your fitness or mindfulness activities on the app, check where you are in the leaderboard, share sweaty selfies and give each other virtual high fives. Make employee wellbeing your top priority!

3. Organize stand-up meetings
As all meetings turn into video conferences, encourage stand up meetings. It can be easy to get stuck on the couch all day. Getting the body moving is key to feeling good during this complicated time!

4. Update notification settings for work tools
Tools like Slack are great for employee communication but it can be difficult to turn off when all your devices are at home with you. Get managers to change the preferences and turn off notifications after 6pm.

5. Reshuffle priorities
Help your team and colleagues reshuffle tasks and priorities with the ongoing pandemic. What event is no longer happening? What part of the business needs help? What new focus should we have?