Clear teeth aligner are orthodontic splints that, unlike traditional systems, are almost imperceptible, comfortable and do not require the cementing of brackets or other orthopedic devices. With this methodology, patients receive a set number of plastic aligners that are removable, transparent, and tailored to their mouth. They are very easy to use. To place them, they must be adjusted over the teeth by applying a little pressure with the fingers to adapt them correctly.

Depending on the characteristics of each patient, the change of aligners for a new set is carried out approximately every two weeks until the treatment is completed. In this way, the teeth are in continuous movement in the desired direction.

What are the benefits of using invisible aligners?

Clear teeth aligner have several benefits over traditional braces. For one thing, they are practically invisible, most people won’t even realize you’re wearing them. In addition, they are removable, so you can take them off to eat, drink, brush your teeth, floss, for special occasions and even take the best selfies. What’s more, since these aligners allow a better cleaning of the teeth, they help to prevent tooth decay more effectively. If with traditional appliances you must avoid certain foods such as sweets or crusty bread, for example, with invisible aligners you will not have to restrict your diet. All you have to do is take them off when you go to eat and put them back on once you’re done.

What about the pain?

If you wear invisible aligners, your teeth will gradually move through the application of pressure. Sometimes that pressure can create minor discomfort as your teeth shift. That discomfort means the treatment is working. Therefore, the answer is yes. Aligners can cause minor pain from time to time, especially when starting a new one. However, the pain is short-lived and completely disappears in just a couple of days.

5 Things to keep in mind if you wear invisible aligners

1. Wear the aligners as long as possible

Keeping the aligners on for as long as possible every day will be the only way to get quick results. Take them off only to brush your teeth, eat or drink. A minimum of 22 hours a day is recommended. The longer you have them, the better the result will be in your mouth. In addition, you will get used to their presence much faster.

2. The duration of treatment depends on each patient

On average, treatment lasts about a year in adult patients. However, everything will depend on the state of your teeth and the work they need to be aligned and functional.

3. Faster results than with traditional systems

One of the great benefits of these aligners is that you can get results quickly. In fact, most patients usually see the first changes in just a couple of months. But this depends on the level of involvement to comply with the treatment!

4. Keep your aligners clean

In addition to maintaining your dental hygiene, the aligners should be cleaned every time they are removed and they should be cleaned with a special brush indicated for this, cold or warm water and neutral soap. The use of hot water is not recommended as it can deform the splint. In addition, it is necessary to use specific products for cleaning and disinfection, using descaling products at least once or twice a week. No matter how good they are for our own oral hygiene, toothpastes or mouthwashes should not be used to clean the aligners as these products can damage the material with which they are made and cause them to become more opaque. Also, to avoid loss or damage, the best way to keep them in good condition is to store them in the original box in which they were delivered.

5. Habits to avoid during treatment with invisible aligners

While it is true that the aligners are removable, it is very important to wear them most of the day. For this reason, it is recommended if you are a smoker, reduce tobacco consumption. If you smoke with your aligners on, you run the risk of darkening and staining, making your smile look dark and unsightly. The indicated thing is to remove the aligners before smoking, then brush your teeth and replace them. The less you remove the aligners, the more effective the results will be. So, take this opportunity to motivate yourself and reduce tobacco consumption, your mouth and your health will thank you.