If it does not help you grow, let go.

That has always been my mantra ever since I started my personal journey towards my own #bestmeever .

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Ok, let’s admit it. Growing up we all had our own excess baggage.

Whether it’s about a painful heart break, a failure, a missed opportunity, regrets or whatever it is that make you lose your focus on the now because you want to change how things were before.

In the process of focusing to much on the past, you lose track of the opportunity to flourish at present.

And by being distracted, you’re not able to maximize your strengths, grow with the flow and be the person you’re meant to be.

I get it. You might say that it’s not easy. Of course it’s not. It’s not easy to let go of things you’ve gotten accustomed to, things which you have embraced as your “truth”. However, know that it’s very much possible to let go of them. Not easy, but very much worth it.

Here’s the thing: the only way you can move on and forward is by making that life changing choice to finally let go. Only then will your success be within reach.

Allow me to share with you the 5 things you have to let go of in order to succeed:

  1. Your Ego

Humility plays a big part in one’s pursuit of success. How can you learn and grow if you’re not willing to start from scratch? Realizing that it’s ok not to know everything and not to be the best there is around always will allow you to become more open to suggestions and possibilities for growth. Remember, it’s not always about looking good or being right; it’s about doing and committing to what will be best for you at this particular point in time coming from a space of honesty, humility and vulnerability.

2. Your Regrets

Instead of focusing on what could have been, focus on what you can do now and on what can still be. Free yourself from things no longer in your control. Past is past. Allow yourself to live in the now and maximize the space you’re in so you can still change what tomorrow might bring.

3. Your Self-Doubts

If you want to make beautiful changes happen in your life as you reach for your goals, start believing in yourself first. Conquer your fears. Let go of all your negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself — they don’t do you any good anyway. Focus on how far you’ve gone in your personal journey. On your strengths. On the people who loved and supported you along the way. On yourself. On your growth. Yes, you are good enough. And you will make it through. You just have to believe.

4. Your Anger

Releasing your anger can unburden you big time because holding on to it distracts you from the now. However, as you release it, be mindful enough to use it constructively. Instead of beating yourself up or plotting revenge, use your anger to create something beautiful: paint, write, exercise, work on yourself, help others — whatever you can do to release that strong force in a manner that will allow you to grow.

5. Your Old Self

Your old self has already served its purpose. Allow yourself to embrace the new: the person you’re meant to be. Acknowledge the fact that every single day you are changing and growing in the process. Be grateful to your old self and then set that version free so you can focus on your existing journey towards your own #bestmeever successfully.

The journey towards success is all about giving up and giving your all:

Giving up all those that hold you back and giving your all as you move on and forward one day at a time towards your greatest goals.

Choose to travel light as you journey towards the person you’re meant to be.