When you’re about to start a company, those who have braved the journey often try to warn you of the realities of entrepreneurship. This includes that you’ll work more than you ever have before. Each day, hour, and minute will be filled with challenges and pivots, and you’ll be stuck on a rollercoaster of high highs and low lows.

Well, they’re right. 

Being first-time entrepreneurs, we knew the road would be bumpy at times. We’ve pivoted our plans and after a lot of hard work, have created all-natural products that we are truly proud of. Not a single day has gone by that I nor my co-founder have regretted starting Rebellious Infusions.

With that being said, there are a few things I want to share for those who may embark on a similar journey.  Besides having a thick skin, not getting discouraged when I hear the word ‘no’, and having the ability to juggle many things at the same time, there are a few more things to consider before you take the leap.

Be Well Funded
Starting a company will run you at least 2.5 times what you think you need.  Whether it’s through savings, friends and family, a bank loan, or venture capitalists, be realistic on what things really cost.

Tap into Your Network 
Be sure to constantly be proactive in helping others because you will most likely need support in the future. Now’s the time to tap into that LinkedIn network and call up that old colleague who can make introductions to the right people.

Gauge Your Passion
If you don’t have enough passion for what you do, don’t bother even starting. Furthermore, if you don’t use your product or service on a regular basis, then why would anyone else? Create something you’re proud to talk about at a dinner party.

Have a Good Support Team
Family and friends are great, but no one will understand the pitfalls and successes like someone who has been in your shoes. Seek out mentors in your industry who can lend an ear and offer sound advice.

Be Decisive and Unafraid to take Risks
A common trait of all successful entrepreneurs is to be able to stomach venturing into the unknown and taking the risk.  Some are small and aren’t a big deal, many will include significant investments with little to no data to support the decision. Can you make the call?  Lack of decision-making can be very damaging, time lost, team members losing confidence, the list can go on and on.  Need to be decisive, when right – great, when wrong – learn from it.

After working for brands like Kraft and Pepsi for nearly two decades, my co-founder and I took the leap and started Rebellious Infusions. Now that we’re a few years in, I’m incredibly grateful for the relationships and knowledge I’ve learned over the past twenty years.

While there are some incredible Gen Z and Millennial entrepreneurs I admire, for me personally, if I would’ve tried this in my twenties the likelihood of Rebellious surviving and thriving would be slim. I would have no idea who to work with, how to recognize gaps in the market, or the know-how to collaborate with great people.

If you think you have the grit and passion to see something through, then don’t let anyone stop you.